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We talk all the time about quality content. Sometimes we talk about it too much. Some bloggers get so nervous about including plenty of high-quality information that they forget they also have to present that information in a well-written format that engages their audience. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it. Your keywords lead your readers to your articles but it’s up to you to make them read. Here are three crucial elements of a well-written blog post.

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An Attention Grabbing Title

The title is the first thing your readers are going to see, and in most cases they’re going to see it on one of the search engine indexes – where there will be at least nine other titles to choose from. So, there are two important elements you need to include in your title – the keyword you’re targeting and something to grab the readers’ attention.

The keyword should be obvious. After all, the whole purpose of writing blog posts is to attract traffic and the only way to do that on the Internet is by using keywords.

To attract the readers attention your article should tell them exactly what they’re going to learn and how they’ll benefit if they read it. For example, in the title for this article you can see that you’re going to learn three key elements of a blog post. You’ll also learn that these three elements are crucial, and if you use them you’ll have a well-written blog post.

A Strong Opening Paragraph

Once that reader arrives on your blog you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. Your title brought them to the page now it’s up to your opening paragraph to reel them in.

Use your first paragraph to show your reader you understand their problem and give them the one-sentence solution. A lot of your visitors are only going to scan your content. If they see in the very first paragraph that you have a solution to their problem they’re willing to stick around and read the whole article. Even if they don’t, they’ll still remember they saw the solution in that first paragraph.

A Strong Conclusion With A Purpose

Your closing paragraph should be just as strong as your opening. Restate the problem and restate the solution and drive home how this benefits the reader.

It’s important to understand how people arrive at your blog and how they read your blog posts. Your title will often be included with others and they’ll choose the one that grabs their attention.

If you’re not seeing any reader engagement it might not be the quality of the information you’re providing that’s the problem. It might just be that you’re not presenting that information in the best way for online readers who only scan your content, they don’t read every single word. But a well-written blog post will grab their attention and keep them on your page.

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  1. Keith Matthews


    Find your inner chimp; you already have the chainsaw concept down pat!

    One of the essential sub-elements of passion is an ability to laugh with your target audience. After all, will it really matter 500 years from now? Come on, Ste`, sometimes you remind me of The Grinch That Stole Blogging; your funny bone is two sizes too small!

    1. Steven

      You have to be very careful with humor, Keith. If you don’t have a gift for it, don’t even try. You’re going to sound cheesy, and no one will take you seriously.

    2. Keith Matthews

      Humor is like salt. Not enough, and your blog is pedantic and flavorless; too much, and it is difficult to swallow.

      Having said that however, I disagree with you when you say you need a “gift” of humor to make effective use of it. Understand that there are as many different types of humor as there is different types of blogs; satire, self-depreciation, irony, slapstick, to name a few. Bob Newheart’s stammer/serious expression was funny; so was Rodney Dangerfield’s pulling on his tie/pop-eyed expression.
      I’m not saying you have to do stand-up comedy (that’s not why we click on you in the first place), but there are times when a DUKEO blog could begin with, “Somebody asked me a funny question the other day,” and then tell us, so we can smile with you, then absorb your daily nugget of information.
      In the case of DUKEO,your stock in trade is information, therefore, you have little or no room for ribald tomfoolery; however, a sprinkle (just a sprinkle, mind you)of what makes you laugh will show a side of you that few people on this side of the screen don’t get to see, and find extremely interesting. And isn’t “interesting” an ingredient every blog needs?

      You did say you appreciated honesty, didn’t you? If I didn’t like your website/the DUKEO Concept, I wouldn’t have bothered to write. I’ve got you on my blogroll, because I think you provide a valuable service to the blogosphere. Keep up the good work!

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