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Without traffic you might as well hang up your bloggin’ shoes and go get a J.O.B. again. Since you can never have too much traffic, here are 10 ways to get more, so wash the dishes and run the vacuum – you’re about to have company.

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  • Create remarkable content: Seriously, if every single post on your blog is engaging and fascinating and remarkable you wouldn’t have to worry half as much about traffic generation as you do now because your readers would be sharing your content all over the web. Of course, we can’t remarkable 24/7, but if you don’t have high-quality content on your blog it doesn’t matter how hard you work to generate traffic. They’re not going to stick around.
  • Include your link in your email signature: You probably send at least a few emails every day. Most email platforms will allow you to create a custom signature line that’s automatically added to each email you send. Make sure yours includes a link to your website.
  • Target your competitors: Start commenting on your competitors’ blogs and get to know their visitors. While you’re there, check out their content and see what they’re doing that different from yours. And pay attention to the keywords they’re using to attract all that traffic, too.
  • Have a contest: Run a contest on your blog. Check out Rafflecopter for a cool gadget you can add that awards points for Tweeting, Sharing and commenting. And you can even award additional points for bloggers who write a post and link back to you. If you get freebies from advertisers use them as contest prizes. If not, contact some of the manufacturers you’re promoting and see if they’d like to sponsor a contest in exchange for some additional promotion.
  • Tell your readers to share: Make sure you have sharing buttons at the bottom of every blog post and speak up – tell your readers to share. Yes. Sometimes it is just that easy.
  • Publish a mash-up: Once a week publish a mash-up and link out to those high-ranking blogs you follow. It’s a great resource for your readers but the real benefit is – those other bloggers will see your links and they’ll eventually start linking back to you.
  • Guest Blog: Write the best content you’ve ever written in your life and submit it to other blogs. You’ll get some exposure and you’ll get some new traffic from that link.
  • Leverage your social contacts: Instead of just Tweeting and posting your links, get in there and start sharing your follower’s links. Participate, get to know people, and they’ll start sharing your links in return.
  • Create sharable content: Take some time and create sharable content. Check out infographics which have become extremely popular. Or put together your first video. Or write a list post with 101 items. Once you’ve created this sharable content, enlist your network to help you start sharing and get the ball rolling.
  • Build relationships with influencers: Check out Klout to see who the top influencers in your niche are and then start making connections. These are the people who re-tweet and when they do, their followers take notice.

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  1. Matt Brennan

    Good stuff here. I can’t stress content enough. Happy to see it as number one. Even if you’re drawing a ton of traffic through the other nine steps, if the content sucks, your visitors are not going to stay.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your kind words Matt! Quality Content is and will always be the key to any successful blog.

  2. Victor

    thanks for your post i really gained a lot from it. thanks a lot

    1. Steven

      You’re welcome. Next time, if you want a link, try to make a less generic comment ;)

  3. Csa

    So, Content is the Key!!!

  4. Izzy

    Nice article, I particularly like the “mashup” idea. Guest blogging is something I am in the process of doing, just getting myself organised with content and a list of good blogs who take guest posts.

    1. Steven

      Glad to hear that you are working on that! Please keep me posted with the results you are seeing with guest posting :)

  5. Bernard Z.

    I agree with all 10 ways. Also what I like to do is study a successful blog withing the same niche as me and just implement the same things. Also to go along with “remarkable content” I think one should aim to educate and be as informative as possible. People tend to share content as such on their own, so it goes back to what you said. You can end up getting traffic just relying on great content.

    1. Steven

      You should be careful when you take the analyze/implement approach because you don’t want to take the exact same approach as your competition.

    2. Bernard Z.

      True, the key is knowing what to implement. You can implement how an article is formatted for example. Study it if you see that if you see it on the first page of Google. Figuring out what makes it so great so that you can make yours great in the future. Little things like that can help you improve your own site. But sometimes you shouldn’t be afraid to try your own ideas that you might have. Like for example, I know that the following isn’t original but I have a latest tweets on my side bar where I tweet a lot of useful articles I found on online in relation to my niche. So the reader can do some further reading if they choose to.

    3. Steven

      The learning process never ends!!!

  6. Stacy

    Great post. I do all of them except the mash up. I would do one if I knew what it was.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Stacy. And thanks for the idea for a new post: “What are mashup posts?” :P

    2. Tonygreene113 @ 113tidbits

      Mashups are nother more than a recap of topics from the week, month, or even other time frame.

  7. Marty

    I have tried almost everything on this list except target your competitors I never thought of that but its a great idea.Plus I am new to the whole contest idea so I will check out rafflecopter

    1. Steven

      Congratulations Marty! Let me know how it goes for you

  8. Arye

    Yep, great list. Traffic is king ( no wait, content is king? your list is the king?) nope, traffic is king. Without it you can’t implement any of the rest.

    1. Steven

      Completely agreed! Without traffic, you can’t do anything.

  9. Zara

    So I’ve just started a 60 day challenge to start generating a full time income from the internet. I have a website that is informational – it deals with my passion – the law of attraction. But at this time I don’t have a product to sell and am focusing entirely on adsense revenue – do you recommend that I take the time to develop a salable product?

    1. Steven

      Zara, you should definitely try developing your own product. If your goal is to reach a full-time income from your blog, Adsense is not the way to go. You should use Adsense only as a complementary way to earn cash and certainly not as the main source of income.

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