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After the recent blog network deindexing debacle, lots of search engine optimization fans and internet marketers are scurrying around to find new ways in which they can rank their websites and improve their WordPress SEO. The answer is staring a lot of people in the face – it’s using Web 2.0s. Instead of using automated tools though, you must hand build your Web 2.0s if you’re to receive the full benefit from them going forward.
Why hand build these sites?

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Essentially these sites that you build by hand will be the only links pointing towards your money site – so you need to take care when building them. You should aim to build around 15-25 Web 2.0s – depending on the competition you face with your keywords. Once built you need to upload around 3 articles onto each property – complete with a video and/or a picture on each and every Web 2.0. The content that you upload should be a minimum of 500 words per article, and EVERY article should be handwritten, and of the highest quality.

You Are Joking, Aren’t You?

No. Internet marketers have for too long relied on “get rankings quick” programs and schemes. Just look at blog networks – they allowed you to rank highly in the SERPS for virtually any keyword, in just a few weeks. But look at the havoc caused when Google caught on and punished those people using these networks – it has been catastrophic. You’re not going to be able to rank sites with such relative ease going forward, but if you’re willing to put in a bit of legwork to setup these Web 2.0s, you’ll be well ahead of the pack.

These Web 2.0s that you put up by hand will take up to a month to do. But once they’re in place, providing you uploaded quality content they will be there forever. What you can then do is add new articles to them periodically – thus creating more backlinks to your money site. You can also throw lots of links from various sources at these Web 2.0 properties in order to help increase your rankings. The Web 2.0s are there to act as buffers – you’ll build links to the Web 2.0s thus reducing the chances of Google slapping your money site.

Outsource Your Buffer Sites If It’s Too Much Work

If creating Web 2.0 properties manually and writing content for each one seems like too much hard work, you can always outsource it. You can either outsource the article writing, or the whole thing. Just make sure you insist that handwritten articles are used on each property – not spun junk. Each article needs to be unique, and it must read well. If it doesn’t, your properties will probably get deleted – making it a waste of time and money putting them up in the first place. Adding media to your posts makes them more relevant, and makes them look more natural too – so insist that your outsourcer does this too.

When it comes to adding links some people like to do it straight away, whilst others like to check back and add backlinks to their money site after a few weeks have passed. It’s up to you which approach you take, but don’t forget to diversify your anchor text and used lots of naked links in order to mix it up!

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