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Since nobody ever became successful by staying on their own, in the process of growing your online business, you will probably face potential business partners on a regular basis. While some some words will turn these partners away, some other words will definitely make them stick around. Here is a list of 5 of these magic words.

use words potential business partners

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  1. Certainly: as opposed to “maybe”, the word “certainly” will give the feeling that you know what you are talking about and that you have confidence in yourself and in your business. It will show a strong determination to generate a positive outcome for all the parties involved.
  2. Now: this word works like magic in showing your determination and that you are not afraid to take action and to take action as soon as a situation looks profitable! That’s exactly what people are looking for when developing a partnership.
  3. Best: everybody wants the best! It’s as simple as that. Believe in yourself and people will believe in you.
  4. Learned: when you mess up in a situation, do not look for excuses. Be prepared to take responsibility and learn from your mistakes. You will be perceived as a person who doesn’t blame others for his own failures and someone who is willing to improve. People do not expect you to be perfect but at the same time they expect you to be honest about your own flaws.
  5. Value: you should always work in bringing value to the table of a partnership. This is what every successful business partnership is about after all. Sharing knowledge and resources to create value for each party as well as the customer.

Follow these guidelines and your business partnership negotiations will always end up being successful!

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  1. Buysellwordpress

    Marvelous list of words! It all really works! In my opinion, when we communicate with our clients or customers, we should say every word or phrase with confidence!

  2. Mike

    This is perfect, I couldn’t have said it better myself. The most important part of a partnership is respect. These words encourage just that.

  3. Dana

    Great follow-up piece, I’m really liking this advice! Not that I have a business partner, or ever will have a business partner, but you never know when info like this may be useful…

    1. Sarah

      These kinds of words are applicable in any situation. You should add these to your everyday vernacular, so that everyone everywhere will treat you with respect.

    2. Dana

      Very true! In that case, it’s very nice to know!

    3. Sarah


  4. Liz

    I work solo, always. It’s kind of my thing. BUT I do love that the picture looks like a dance party! Paaartaayyy! :)

    1. Anon

      Or like they’re running for their lives…

    2. Liz

      No, they are definitely busting a groove.

    3. Anon

      Or screaming “Godzilla!!!!”

  5. Samie

    I like the “learned” one, but I disagree about mentioning “mistakes.” I would prefer to call them “learning opportunities” it sounds much better. :)

    1. Michelle

      I think so too! That sounds much better.

  6. Gorman

    Another big part of this is not only what you say, but how you say it. If you say everything with energy and conviction, more people will be likely to be on your side, or at least see where you’re coming from. Energy is addicting, and you want to be infectious with optimism.

    1. John

      This is a very good point. What’s the rule? “It’s 10% what you say, and 90% is how you say it.” Very wise.

  7. Chris

    I think the most powerful one on that list is “Now.” It’s assertive, to the point, forceful, and it has a note of optimism in it I think. All of these are things you would want to convey to a business partner. Thanks for the great list!

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