Vocabulary Cons 5 Words You DON’T Want To Use With Potential Partners

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In order to grow your online business, you’ll certainly have to develop business partnerships. No one ever became ultra successful by working hidden in a cave. However, when talking to potential business partners, you have to be very careful about the words you are using, as some of them could have dramatic consequences on a potential partnership.

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  1. Maybe: Using this word on a regular basis will have highly negative consequences on your image. You’ll appear as an uncertain person. Think about it for a second: would you want to partner with someone who is not confident in their own abilities?
  2. Later: This word will have the same consequences as the word “maybe”. You will appear as an uncertain person with a passive attitude. You certainly do not want to be the guy who is afraid to take action. Have confidence in yourself and people will have confidence in you.
  3. Average: Who wants to work with an average company which produces average results? “Good enough” is not what people are looking for when they are considering a potential partner. People want the best!
  4. Excuse: “We made this mistake in the past, but we have that as an excuse” is a sentence you should never use when dealing with potential business partners. You fucked up a situation, then you should take full responsibility, there is no excuse. Show that you are a man.
  5. Cheap: this word is a double-edge sword. While you may have the impression that you are doing yourself a favor by providing a cheap (as in not expensive) service to your partner, he may understand it as if you are trying to sell him a low quality service. Be very careful.

If you are able to avoid these 5 words you are most likely to leave a positive impression in your partner’s mind.


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  1. Ryan Eagle

    Great article. The 5 words not to use and reasons why not to make for a good read!

  2. Ryan Eagle

    Interesting article. So true on words not to use; makes you think about word choices more.

  3. Chris

    I dunno, I do alright working from my man-cave LOL. I think the best one on there is the Excuse one. No one wants to work with a sissy, be a real man!

    1. Mitch

      LOL man-caves are the best, no girls allowed!

  4. Sarah

    It is SO SO important to get “maybe” and other “fluff” words out of your vocabulary. It sends a message of uncertainty and lack of commitment. This includes “kind of”, “sure”, “like”, “you know”, “uhh”, “um” etc. Get rid of these words and your business partner, and people in general, will take you more seriously and listen to what you have to say.

    1. John

      All of this is very good advice. Sarah you have it absolutely right about eliminating words that serve no purpose. I had a speaking coach for a while that told me just that, it very much changes how people perceive you.

  5. Jony

    Cheap is never a good word. It’s base and low and doesn’t make anyone feel good. If something is “cheap” then yes, it is less expensive, but it also indicates that it is a low-quality product. Not the message you want to convey. Instead use “great value” or “won’t cost an arm and a leg” or “big bang for your buck” or other phrases like that.

    1. Michelle

      “Cheap” definitely has a lot of negative connotations. Better to just eliminate it from your vocabulary altogether. Unless you use it derogatorily.

  6. Mike

    Another thing I would like to add is that a business partner has to respect you. This article makes it sound almost like its them interviewing you; I would think of it as the other way around. You are equals, and your focus either matches or it doesn’t. Make sure you treat them with respect and stand your ground, stand by your ideas, and be assertive.

    1. Mitch

      I like that, it’s definitely a two-way street, you know?

    2. Gorman

      All of this is very good advice. “Partner” means equality. You want to be on the same level, and that includes making sure that you are assertive, and eliminate the words listed above from your vocab.

  7. Anon

    Excuses are for sissies and wimps!! And children!!

    1. Liz

      LOL! too funny! :P

  8. Dana

    I want that huge “Don’t” sign, so that I can turn it on in front of my kids when they are being mischievous haha!

  9. Samie

    I think this is great advice, something that we should practice even in our everyday lives. No one wants to be known for being indecisive, or making excuses, etc. You want to act the way you want people to perceive you is what it boils down to.

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