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What is compelling content?

Compelling content inspires your reader to take immediate action by showing him how that action will change his life for the better.

In order to create compelling content you have to understand your reader and get in tune with his needs.

And how do you understand your visitors’ needs?

Whew! I thought you’d never ask.

Why Does This Matter To Me?

In order for your reader to feel compelled to take action your content needs to matter to him, it has to be useful. You can give your reader information, but if he can say, “So what? Why does this matter to me?” then you haven’t made your content compelling.

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For example, you might write an informative blog post that tells your readers:

Pomeranians have a double coat which makes them particularly sensitive to heat.

Your readers may love Pomeranians but your informative article doesn’t inspire them to take any kind of an action. It doesn’t answer the question, “So what? Why does this matter to me?

To make that post compelling, you could say:

Pomeranians have a double coat which makes them particularly sensitive to heat. In just a few minutes they can quickly succumb to heat stroke, so even short walks are dangerous. Since temperatures are already in the 90s and summer’s just begun, and we all know how our little Poms do love their daily walks, make sure you carry a portable doggie bowl and a bottle of water to keep little Fifi happy and hydrated.

Keep in mind, your reader isn’t going to consciously sit back and say, “So what?” every time he reads one of your posts. In fact, he probably never will. It’s up to you to put that thought in his mind by showing him how this information matters to him. He may not take action now, but your compelling content will make a greater impact and he’ll remember where he read it when he needs it.

Now, how do you know what problems your readers have so you can make that compelling connection?

Solve your own problems: What problems do you have? You probably have things you’d still like to learn about your niche. And if you’re an expert, you’re probably encountered – and solved – countless problems. Those are the same problems and needs your readers will have.

Look at your stats: Look at the comments on your most popular posts, and your least popular posts. Both will probably have lots of questions and concerns that you can use for more post ideas. And these questions are coming directly from your readers so you know exactly what they’re looking for.

Relevant content is content that interests your reader. Compelling content is content that interests your reader and inspires him to take action. Get in tune with your readers needs and produce relevant, compelling content and your readers will start paying attention when you give them a call to action.

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  1. Reginald

    Hmm good insight on the matter. Personally, I think you can easily grow traffic by understand your readers. Basically you need to cherish why they are here reading. Let’s say you are able to write and solve reader’s problem, then you are going to gain lots of traffic.

    Nice insight and thanks for sharing mate!

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