Viral Content Trend 5 Reasons Why It is the New King

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I first noticed viral content when the Numa Numa video started spreading like wildfire but I didn’t really give it much attention until I started using Facebook and Twitter to promote my blog. In the past, I just focused on providing fresh, original content because of that “content is king” thing everyone was talking about. But now I think it’s time for those dusty old blog posts to move over because viral content is becoming the new king.

viral content king

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Social networks love viral content

Once I started spending some time on Facebook and Twitter I noticed just how much viral content people are sharing. It’s not the standard blog posts that get passed around, it’s the images, the videos and the eye-catching infographics. All of the social networks are set up for content sharing – that’s what you do in social situations. And since everybody hangs out in the social networks these days, it makes sense to start focusing on viral content.

Viral content generates incoming links

When people pin your images or share your infographics or embed your videos, or even when they share your blog posts, that creates an incoming link. Those links help bring in more traffic and a lot of this traffic is people who wouldn’t have found you otherwise. They’re visiting your blog, just to see what it’s all about, because someone sent them your killer video or image.

Those incoming links are also good for your SEO not only because there are so many but also because there’s such a variety of anchor text attached at the other end.

Viral content encourages commenting

Viral content is content that generates a “Wow!” response. It engages your visitor and creates an emotional connection. Because of that, most people are going to leave you some type of comment before they share – they’ll laugh and joke about it, or commiserate if it’s one of those sad puppy pictures.

Those comments on your blog provide visual proof to new visitors that you have an exciting, active blog. Comment activity breeds more sharing and more comments.

Viral content helps build your brand

We all want to be recognized as “The blog to go to for…” but building your brand on the Internet takes time and a lot of hard work. But look what viral content does for you. It’s been years and people still know who the Numa Numa guy is. It only takes one killer video or image or infographic to generate a buzz that can travel all around the Internet.

Viral content can bring in traffic for longer periods of time

Pay attention to your own Facebook wall and you’ll start to see images and videos repeating in your stream. Sometimes they pop up and go viral all over again months after they were first introduced. I haven’t looked at the Numa Numa guy’s video but I imagine people are still viewing it to this day.

Unlike a typical blog post that may bring in traffic for a week or a month before it fades into your archives, viral content just keeps getting passed around, and passed around some more and it can continue to bring in traffic for years.

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  1. Joseph

    This is quite a useful tip for a great evening. I bet it’s time we re-think our content. Thanks for the post.

    1. Steven

      Thank you for your comment Joseph :)

  2. Jan Bierens

    Viral content works. But actually *making* viral content is much more difficult. I had a post on my blog a few months about the same subject.
    The trouble with *making* viral content is that iy’s dependant on many external variables. The time and the audience decide on virality of a social event. Remember Psy – GangNam style?

    1. Steven

      I agree with you on the fact that you can’t control every single variable that makes content go viral. However, nothing prevents you from trying to control as many variables as possible.

  3. Kenny Fabre


    the incoming links are definitely what I love most about viral content.

    I dont believe Ive put anything thats gone viral outthere but I have gotten other bloggers linking back to me

    1. Steven

      Getting some other bloggers to link to your content is already a very good thing! It means that you produce valuable content. Congratulations :)

    2. Kenny Fabre


      thank you very much, and yes I do put out alot of great content

  4. Astro Gremlin

    The viral lane is very much where the real traffic travels. Had a couple of articles go through the roof. Didn’t sustain, though.

    1. Steven

      Once you manage to find a recipe to get content viral, the next step is finding ways to make the visitors stick on your blog… Thanks for sharing your experience Astro Gremlin.

  5. Andi-roo (@theworld4realz)

    I feel so “out” of it. I have no idea what “Numa Numa” is! Tried to find it on youtube so I could see to what you are referring, but no dice — too many different videos for me to guess which is the original.

    My ignorance aside, I do love me some viral content when it passes my way. Haven’t put out any myself, nor have I been lucky enough for a link back, but I enjoy it just the same.

    What you said about “finding ways to make the visitors stick on your blog” in one of your comments is so true, though. Viral content might be king, but he reigns only as long as a person’s attention span if there isn’t something heavy to follow up. Otherwise, you’ve just invited people to worship a worthless hologram.

  6. Funny Pics

    Mmmm… ok, but I think is better to know how to MONETIZE that traffic.

    1. Steven

      Sure… Traffic monetization is extremely important, but if you don’t have any traffic, where are you going to make money from?

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