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When it comes to marketing and advertising, all things considered, the ball is in your court and you are free to pull all kinds of stunts if you wish to emerge as the ultimate winner.

Advertising using nostalgic vintage logos is one of many techniques one could use to draw attention to the intended audience for different purposes.

Depending on what exactly you are advertising, the outcome will be tremendously impactful to the audience.

This will create a sense of curiosity, and as the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat, and you being the advertiser, the only thing left for you to do is to “kill the cat.”

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Captivate the Audience

Instead of using a stylish modern logo that has become overused and popular, going against the grain and deciding to do it vintage is a method of captivating your audience.

The very first instinct a person will have is to gravitate to your brand logo because it is something out of the ordinary.

Another thing a person will have in mind is that the brand behind it must be something of class and holds a lot of soul and character.


People who have lived to see different generations and appreciate the present and past will relive the nostalgic feeling of the old brands that used vintage logo badges as their brand symbol.

The human mind is gravitated to reminisce on the good and old fashioned since this helps the person relive the memories that once were.

Companies such as Panasonic and JVC offer customers new television sets with their old badges as a way to market to the older generation.

Old is Gold!

Ever heard this saying? If you have, then you will associate old things to things that hold value, and this is an essential aspect in advertisements.

People will buy a new Mustang because of its performance, but people will also buy a vintage mustang because they believe that old is something antique and can be seen as a showpiece to the audience they are trying to impress.

Find a Blend

Vintage logos badges are good, but you know what’s better? Finding a blend that seamlessly merges the old logo with a modern touch to it like custom pin badges.

This captivates both generations who have lived through different times.

It’s an aspect of advertising that helps the promoter to kill two birds with one stone.

What Are You Advertising?

Depending on what exactly you are advertising, the logo may be of much help to you or also may be the worst decision you will make regarding branding.

If your product doesn’t align with the vintage logo badge, it’s advised to subtly let go of the idea of a classic logo representing your brand.


If you wish to advertise your brand with a vintage logo, you need to have the information above.

Make sure that you follow the right steps and always be on the lookout for trends.

This way, you will be up to date with the most effective methods when it comes to marketing using badges.


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