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Why Video Marketing through Video SEO?

Search Engine Marketing is considered as the most efficient and convenient method of conveying your message to the Search Engine and the User. A marketer can go ahead with promoting his website through various images, content, advertising and the novel trends in Videos. Video Marketing is one of the most convenient means of promoting a business that is lately picking up for the reason that it attracts a great bunch of audience and conveys the message that you want quickly while presenting your ideas in a creative manner.

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There are several notions amongst the people that Video Marketing is not a good promotion strategy for Website promotion as it restricts the rewards. This is so because the giant search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing crawl the web for various keywords based on the search query entered by the user thus it becomes difficult for the search engine crawler to actually search for the desired keywords in the Video. Hence for this reason Video and SEO seem to be unfriendly to each other. Nevertheless Google is on the verge of developing a platform that will be of great advantage to the users and the marketers in promoting their websites through Video SEO.

Effectual and Valuable Landing WebPages must be able to convey to the visitors of your website as to what you want them to do in stipulated time and Online Video Marketing experts have discovered that Video Content is far better than text based content as it can present the ideas in a creative way.

video seo guide

Wondering what is Video SEO?

Video SEO is a technique which optimizes the video content so that the website can get good exposure and maximum traffic. By employing Video SEO for Video Marketing you can be assured that your video will appear in all the video search engines and also in the organic search engines which will direct the entire traffic to your website.

The main motive of Video SEO is to help the search engines have a better understanding of the video content. You will have to educate the search engines what your video is all about by adding meta data for the reason that the process to optimize Video SEO is significant for indexing , exposure and good page ranking. Video SEO is not a mere hit and run strategy rather it requires long term dedication and commitment as well this is a continuous process which will have to be checked constantly and updated with the latest enhancements.

Video SEO is the next step for all the webmasters and marketers out there however for the time being the expansion of Online Video has been pretty hotheaded. This is because Video SEO YouTube has reached the unremarkable size and it is no more considered as a real video files repository but is rather a real search engine.

The probability for a Webpage with a Video SEO to appear on Google’s first search results page is more likely than the text based page. One more added advantage of Video Marketing is that you can make the best out of the intermingled search strategy. Users generally love to click on the background navigation links which are present on top of the Google Screen. This will give the users a better and richer searching experience & will direct more traffic to your website.

Google is actually in favor of video posting for example if for any keyword there are some Video SEO YouTube clips available then it is obvious that at least one of the video will be shown on the giant search engines first search results page but you need to understand that there is no short cut or magic formula to get the video clip the search engine results first page. The main concerns of Google is to give its users the most excellent searching and browsing experience whilst avoiding spam at any cost.

Just like other WordPress SEO strategies there are several Tips, Guidelines, Techniques and Best Practices to be followed for optimizing Video and SEO. The search engines might not be capable of extracting the keywords from the Video and that is why it is necessary for you to apply certain skills to it and here in this post we have presented below some Video SEO Tips that will be of great help in getting good exposure and maximum traffic:

1. Make Sure your Video Page is Light

The main funda of almost all the search engine algorithms is to redirect users to websites that load faster. This could actually contribute to a great extent in you being on the very first page of the search rankings or to be ranked down further. Thus it is extremely important for you to enhance and reduce your page load times. In order to keep your Video Page light you there are several factors that need to be considered such as:

  1. The size of the Video Player on the Webpage.
  2. The resolution of the Video i.e. Is it necessary for the Video to be in HD format?
  3. The file types whether it is Fly, MPEG4 or SWF because few of the file types load faster than others.
  4. As well considering the device on which it is going to be viewed more number of times is also important.
  5. Keeping an eye on the Image Compressions on the Webpage is also important for example the JPEG format images weight 10 to 20% less than the PNG file images so you will have to rescale the image if required.

2. Title of the Video Plays a Vital Role in Video SEO

You merely have 3 to 5 seconds of time to impress on individual and force him to click on your video link when it appears on the Search Engine Results Page. Hence for this reason it is important for you to concentrate on the Title of the Video and ensure that it is clear, concise and describe the video content to the point. You must choose keywords which directly connect to your main topic and make sure that they show potential when compared to other videos on the same niche. You can make use of the Google Ad Words tool for finding out some potential and good keywords related to your niche.

3. Envelop your Video with Related Stuff

Generally when the Search Engines look up for a video they merely not just look for the video content but as well have a look at the other content on the web page so as to verify its relevance. So the entire content combined together that is the words , pictures and video will tell the search engine more about the spotlight of the content and how well is it targeted. Thus you will have to surround your video with related stuff of your keyword niche.

4. Linking your Video with Other Videos

You must make sure that you add a link to other videos within your video SEO , YouTube will allow you to achieve this easily with the help of Annotations and various other services which are meant for providing relevant links at the end of any video.

5. Do not forget to Include Meta Tags

As well with the advent of novel search engine algorithms, Meta Tags still play a vital role in indexing for the searches. You can without any hassle improve your Search Engine Ranking by making use of focused and specific keywords. You must try putting in similar information as on your Video Title and Webpage in Meta tags.

6. Make Use of the URL

Almost all the search engines make use of the Video URL’s link for providing suggestions and rather than making use of some generic URL name it is good to make use of accurate words in the URL that are relevant to the content of the Video. You need to bear in mind that you display one 1 video on 1 webpage so as to ensure that the search engine will lay its emphasis only on that particular video.

If you are an experienced and excellent Video SEO geek and are not facing any troubles with Video SEO for the reason that the logic under the hood seems to be pretty similar then you are good to go with Video Marketing.

However if you are not then the above listed Video SEO tips will benefits you because the Search Engine Crawler cannot see what is there inside the video and tell what kind of content is there in it because it completely depends on the on page factors and Meta Data and only through these Video SEO tips you can improve your promotional strategies through Video Marketing.

It has been observed that there are several SEO experts who only focus on optimizing the text based content WebPages and somehow end up overlooking the Video SEO techniques if you are among those SEO exerts the it is time for you to fill the gap by implementing the above listed Video SEO tips.

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    Great post Eric. One aspect of Video SEO that can also be included is to make sure that you website has a video site map. If your website is hosted on a WordPress platform Yoast makes a great video SEO plugin that makes it easy.

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