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Blogger sometimes gets a bad rap. While it’s true it has a few limitations that make it a poor choice for some applications, that doesn’t mean we should treat it like a red-headed step-child. Don’t be taken in by those bloggers who say the best hosting is paid hosting, because Blogger is a perfectly valid option for a lot of different types of websites.

What Are The Drawbacks With Blogger?

One of the major drawbacks of using Blogger is you’re limited in how you can monetize your blog, but it’s not as dire as you might think. Blogger makes it very easy for you to use Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate links.

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If you want to promote other affiliate products you can just manually code the links into your content. However, this is not recommended. While you’ll find plenty of Blogger blogs that promote affiliate products, Google doesn’t necessarily approve and they’ve been known to take blogs down for this reason.

And that leads us to the other major drawback – the fact that someone else has control over what happens with your blog. Since you’re using Blogger’s hosting, they reserve the right to block your blog if you violate their terms. The problem is, those terms can change on a whim and they can be loosely interpreted so they can be used to Google’s advantage.

Don’t panic, though. It’s not in Google’s best interest to just go around arbitrarily shutting down blogs. You’ll hear a lot of bloggers complaining about their blogs being suddenly blocked but dig a little deeper and you’ll find they were probably doing something shady anyway.

And one more thing… Blogger has also been known to shut down a blog because it’s getting “too much traffic.” I’ve followed several high-traffic Blogger blogs that never experienced a problem. And by “high-traffic” I mean thousands of visitors each day. Generally, when they do shut down a blog, it’s because of huge, out-of-the-ordinary and suspicious-looking traffic spikes.

What Types Of Websites Can Use Blogger?

Obviously, if you’re going to use Adsense or Amazon to monetize your blog you’d be perfectly fine with Blogger. In fact, Blogger’s platform is designed to make both of these types of blogs very easy to set up.

If you’re careful in how you set it up, you can also use Blogger to send your readers to your own opt-in pages or sales pages, or to your primary blog. So, as you can see, just about any type of website can be built on Blogger.

What Types Of Websites Should Not Use Blogger?

Many very large blogs have been built on Blogger and many make lots of money. But it’s important to remember that even if you buy your own domain name you’re still blogging under Blogger’s umbrella and they can potentially shut down your site. Ten years from now you may be making thousands of dollars a month from that blog and Google might decide to suddenly change their content requirements or, worse yet, they might decide to dismantle Blogger entirely. Then where will you be?

Blogger is a free platform, which makes it really attractive. But fees for web hosting so you can host your own blog are minimal – typically less than $10 per month for a starter plan. While Blogger is a valid option for some websites, it you’re planning to build a long-term sustainable business then you really should protect yourself and pay for your own web hosting.

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  1. Dave Lucas (@davelucas)

    Should you “go the blogger route” make sure that you download the xml file for your complete blog on a weekly or monthly basis!

    1. Steven

      You’re right Dave, keeping backups is a very good idea!

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