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The USA Presidential Election is just a few weeks away. After discussing with several friends, it appears that many people in the USA still don’t really know who they should vote for.

Unfortunately I am not a USA citizen, so I won’t have the chance to vote in the upcoming election. But I believe it’s my duty to help my american friends make the right choice for their next president!

USA election usa

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To make the choice easier, I’ve decided to put together a short poll that uses complicated computations and statistical formulas to find who’s the most qualified president to help USA thrive and overcome its current challenges.

Please, answer the following question as honestly as possible (Click YES or NO).

Do you want a president who will:

  • Protect your Freedom on the Internet ?
  • Help USA overcome its biggest crisis ever ?
  • Defend every citizen (even the 99% and 47%) ?
  • Stop the madness happening in Wall Street ?
  • Reduce the influence of lobbyists on politics ?

Yes, Absolutely!          No, I don’t care.


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  1. Mike

    Are you trying to discredit both candidates with that post?

    Let me tell you that it’s pretty clear that Romney is going to win that election and I’m very happy about it!

  2. Jony

    I agree with Mike! Obama proved only 1 thing during the past 5 years: he didn’t help the people he was supposed to

  3. Kenny Fabre


    I’m not voting for either, and oh I didnt vote for Obama last election either.

    My reasoning for this is because, I know the system, I know whats going on. I know that its all a game.

  4. Shad

    The most qualified president is Romney! He will certainly make more for USA than Obama.

  5. Sarah

    Are there really some people who care about that election??

  6. Calgary Designer

    Are there really people who DON’T care about that election?

  7. Claudia Licher

    You’ve got a point – neither candidate will, once they are president, go out and ‘save the nation’. Vote in the knowledge that you can’t expect miracles.

  8. Ben

    Do you want a president that doesn’t want the power to disappear you in the middle of the night and ship you off to a secret prison somewhere to be tortured for the rest of your life?

    Do you want a president that doesn’t want the power to bomb your house with a drone for any reason he chooses?

    Do you want a president that won’t invade other countries for no reason and terrorize and kill civilian populations?

    Do you want a president that will actually stop raids of medical marijuana shops?

    Do you want a president that won’t sell guns to drug cartels?

    The list goes on.

    If you answered yes to any of these questions then don’t vote for Romney or Obama.

  9. Jer

    Why does it even matter anymore? Obama was supposed to change things. Instead his justice department refuses to prosecute any of the fraud committed by Goldman Sachs, Countrywide, and fellow crooks. Hell, right now he’s fighting for the end of habeas corpus (as per the current National Defense Authorization Act).

    And Romney? He’s just going to carve all of the public resources up to sell off to his cronies.

  10. Mike

    I dont care who wins the Presidency. I am a Hard Working American at 50 and struggling, but I dont make over 75,000./ annually. I know one presidential elect is wanting to abolish Social Security, and/ or Raise My Taxes substantially and lower the Taxes paid by the wealthiest. I know One Presidential candidate wants to STOP MEDICARE, and without that my Quadriplegic Daughter would die. I also know that one president walked into a Job with the Largest Debt in World History, and the Salary is only $150.000/ Annually.
    THere, THats my Voice, and a Native Born American fom Kansas. All Americans should realize that they may need medicare one day and It May not be there if the President elect wants it abolished, and his Party is strong in the Senate. Also if your Child is Raped, and Abortion is soon under one Presidential candidate going to be illegal. YOu will have to pay to raise another Child. plus your Child and there will be no help from the Govt to help you or your child or Grandchild.
    Thanks for allowing me to leave my Comment

  11. Jena Isle

    If I were to vote, I’d vote for Obama, because I like him better as a person.

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