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If you’re blogging to make money online then inevitably you’re going to end up with some unused domain names. Every blogger does. You go to your favorite registrar to pick up one new domain and you walk out an hour later with six or seven. You just couldn’t decide, right? Besides, you’ll use ’em … someday.

profit from unused domain names

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But, why wait? Sure, you don’t have time to build six or seven blogs right this minute, but that doesn’t mean those domain names have to just sit there gathering dust. Here are some things you can do with those unused domain names to make some extra cash until you have time to build up those blogs.

Park Them Somewhere

Domain parking services are one of the most popular solutions. Park your domain name and they’ll put some ads on the page and give you a percentage of the revenues. Check with you hosting provider, too, because some of them offer domain parking.

The benefits of domain parking, other than the trickle of ad revenue you’ll earn, is that the domain will now have some content on it so the search engines will pick it up. Most parking services use different SEO techniques to gain visibility for your domain, too. So when you are ready to build your blog you’ll already have a bit of traffic. And if you decide not to use it? Well, even a small amount of traffic makes it more valuable if you decide to sell it.

Sell Something

With a parking service you don’t have to do anything – you just point your name servers and they do all the work. In exchange you get a bit of traffic and maybe a trickle of ad revenue. But how long does it really take to put up a page of content? Think about setting up something yourself so you don’t have to share the income.

Find a relevant affiliate product and outsource 4 or 5 articles so you have some content and throw up a quick mini-site that links to the advertiser’s sales page with your affiliate link. It’s a quick easy solution that will potentially attract even more traffic than if you’d just parked the domain. As a bonus, you might end up making so many sales that you decide to go ahead and get that blog built.

Google Adsense

An even faster solution, especially if you don’t want to mess around trying to find an affiliate product and get an approval, is to just set up an small site with Google Adsense. Again, go to Fiverr and find someone to write five or six informative articles and put up a quick mini-site.

Even if you never get around to building anything on those unused domains, a little traffic is better than none at all, and if they’re earning some income, so much the better. Now those domains are worth something and you can make a tidy little profit if you sell them on Flippa.com.


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