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I remember when I first started blogging and everyone said, “You need to start selling your own product!” and I was like, “Product? What product?

Now that I’ve been blogging for a while I see opportunities for “products” all day long, but back then I thought they all meant I needed to line up a manufacturing facility and start hiring a crew.

1. What is a Blog Product?

Let’s break it down…

A product is simply something you produce for the purpose of selling.

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Since most bloggers belong to at least one Internet Marketing forum, they think that “product” means either an ebook or some type of software or app.


But that’s so shortsighted…

2. What Does Your Audience Need?

If you blog about tips for training your dog to compete in dog shows you probably have tons of valuable content right there on your blog.

Each post is probably packed with tips and tips are all you post about.

It’s why your readers love your blog.

So why would they want to pay money for an ebook filled with dog training tips when they can already get all the tips they want for free – right there on your blog?

Some of your readers might because they might want to put it on their Kindle, and for some readers that ebook might be more convenient.

But most of your readers will take a pass.

However, if you were to sell them the special homemade dog treats you use to train your own show dogs, they’d probably snap ’em right up.

It’s something they need and it’s something unique that they can’t get anywhere else.

Which leads me to…

3. Two Tips For Building Your Own Blog Products

A. Identify the need

What do your readers need?

Now, don’t get me wrong.

They may really need an ebook or an app.

But they may need something more unique and valuable, like:

  • A little packet of the special blend of spices you used in that chili recipe you posted last week
  • A little packet of seeds so they can follow your tips and grow their own award-winning pumpkins
  • A little packet of ribbon and beads so they can make their own unique hair ornament
  • A bar of that herbal soap you talked about because they don’t want to make a whole batch themselves
  • That special tool you used to change sparkplugs that’s really supposed to be used for something else

The list goes on and on.

You’re already giving your readers all the tips, advice, and information they need.

Now, what do they need to be able to take action or solve the problem?

B. Provide a unique solution

How can you make your product unique?

After all, if you owned that dog training blog your readers could really just pick up any old treat at the pet store and still get the same results.

Well, in some cases you’re going to have to create the illusion of uniqueness and that’s where persuasive writing comes into play.

For example, when you tell your readers that you used these special homemade treats to train all of your show dogs and so far your dogs have won hundreds of ribbons they’ll probably sit up and take notice.

So don’t panic when someone tells you it’s time to come up with your own blog products.

It’s easy.

Just identify the needs of your readers and provide a unique solution.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    The unique factor jumps out at me Steven. You have something that nobody else can offer; your own creativity.

    If you listen in closely and quietly, and wait for solutions, or product ideas, to hit you, they will.


  2. Richard Takemura

    After reading this I think I need to rethink what niche I really want to target. I would have wasted a lot time if I didn’t read this post and the information. I need to take a step back but that’s okay. I’m just going to read all of your posts. Thank you Steven!

  3. Kevin Morgan

    Made me think. I suspect that these thoughts, combined with The Lean Startup experiment experiment experiment philosophy, might just get me jump started. I was going blindly down the e-book road. Thanks!

  4. Reginald Chan


    This article is awesome (found on Triberr). Having a product is just one step of the journey, achieving the goals and requirements of your target market is another!

    Awesome article and good job! Keep it up and definitely back for more!

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