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Are you getting tired of the eternal quest for uniqueness, or are you just getting tired of hearing the word? Unique, unique, unique. It’s one of those words, isn’t it? Say it too many times and it sounds like gibberish. But it’s important to your blogging success and I think it deserves it’s own post today. So let’s talk about the word “unique” and what it means with regard to your blog.

Many bloggers think the definition of unique is “different.” But it’s not. You can wear a red sock and a blue sock. They’re different, but they’re still both socks, and somewhere out there you’ll find another red sock and another blue sock.

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The definition of unique is:

Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

I think a lot of bloggers, new bloggers especially, think that all they have to do to be unique is change something. Where this is really apparent is their content. They’ll visit a relevant blog, see a post they like, and simply rewrite it in their own words for their own readers. In many cases they’ll do this with their own content. They go back through their archives, pull up a post, plug in a few synonyms and call it unique.

What Makes Your Content Unique?

Getting down to basics, I think each blogger needs to look at his blog and ask himself if it’s truly unlike any other blog on the Web. Is there any other blog out there that conveys the same message? If so, then he needs to do something to make his blog unique. Not just different – not just a different theme or a different header or a different monetization method. The content needs to be unique. The message needs to be unique.

How Do You Make Your Content Unique?

The common advice is to know your audience and create content that meets their needs.

For example, there are dozens of blogs that promote XYZ baby cribs. If your readers are mostly grandparents then you might be promoting the fact that this crib is portable, so they can put it up when the grandchild visits and take it back down when they leave. If your readers are all first-time parents then you might promote the fact that this crib is inexpensive and well-built and they won’t have to buy a new crib for their next child.

So in that respect, you’re making your content relevant for your readers, but you’re not necessarily making it unique. Chances are there are other grandparent blogs out there and other first-time parent blogs and they’re both taking the same marketing approach.

Relevant content is good, but it’s not enough.

There are probably dozens of factors that make your content unique. For example, your voice is unique. There’s no one else in the world who talks like you – unless you’re trying to talk like someone else. If you’re emulating your favorite blogger because you think it’s what your readers want to hear, then you’re eliminating one of the things that makes your blog unique.

Your viewpoint makes you unique – unless you’re trying to give your readers the viewpoint you think they want. Do you really think that baby crib is well-made or are you just saying that because you think that’s what your readers want to hear? If you’re only pandering to your readers, then you’re not unique at all because there are dozens of other bloggers pandering to their readers, too, so you’re all saying the same thing.

In short, a lot of the things we do to please our readers are actually making our blogs less unique, because everybody is trying to please their readers.

Now are you getting a better understanding of the word “unique” and what it means for your blog? So let’s hear it. Take a look at your own blog and your own content and then ask yourself, “Is it the only one of its kind?

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  1. Dev

    Thanks for the inspiration to go back to my blog. I am in marketing so I am always thinking about the unique selling position for products. I will take the same approach to find my own voice on my blog- Many thanks.

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