Unforgettable Content A Few Points You Should Never Miss

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Unforgettable Content: A Few Points You Should Never Miss

What is “unforgettable” content? It’s not content that glows in the dark or beeps so you’ll be sure to notice it when you walk by. It’s content that you just have to see. Think of it this way…

Your teenage son and his buddies have plans to go see the new Batman movie on Saturday and on Friday night you tell him the whole family’s headed to grandma’s house for the weekend. And he says, “But mo-om.. the new Batman movie starts tomorrow and me and the guys already have plans. I can’t miss that!

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Unmissable content is content that makes you feel like you’re life has changed for the better because you didn’t miss it.

How Do You Create Unmissable Content?

Stop posting just so you can say you posted something today, post when you have something remarkable to say. (Pretty good, huh?)

Now that’s not to say you have to completely dump your posting schedule and forget about planning ahead. We both know how important it is to post frequently and consistently.

But all that planning and forced-posting and start sounding a little, well, forced. There’s no excitement in your blogging voice because you’re just grinding out content so you can keep on posting.

Get ahead on your regular posts. Load them up on your blog and schedule them out over the next week or so. Then, take a day off from your regularly scheduled programming and write something you really want to write. Write something unmissable.

What Will You Write About?

How about breaking news in your niche? Something hot of the presses. Or how about a bit of controversy? Find out what everybody else is talking about today and present your opposing viewpoint. What are your readers talking about in the comments? What are your competitor’s readers talking about in his comments? What type of content would make you say, “Man! I’m so glad I didn’t miss this today!

Dare To Be Different – Do something that nobody else in your niche is doing. If all of your competitors are selling their mini-ebooks for $7, give yours away for free. Check it first though and make sure it’s better than all the others. If all your competitors are keeping their posts short and sweet, create a value-packed list post. Dare to be different.

Be The First – Years ago I started a blog where I not only reviewed some of those Make Money Online products you find on a popular Internet Marketing forum, I actually tested them on my blog to let people know how they worked and if they were phony. Readers flocked to my blog and I helped one advertiser get more than $5,000 in sales in one weekend – and I was not using an affiliate link.

At the time, I was the only blogger brave enough to tell the truth about these products and it brought me a ton of business and leads. Now there are several other bloggers using this same technique.

My point is, unmissable content is content that steps outside the norm. It’s not planned, it’s spontaneous and bold and daring, like Batman. So step outside your marketing plan this week and create some unmissable content.


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