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Ultimate Guest Posts: 10 Steps to Guest Post Like the Pros

We all know the benefits of guest blogging and we all know it’s something we need to do to get our names out there in front of new audiences. But knowing and doing are two different things. If you’re having getting your guest blog posts accepted and published, or just having a hard time even getting started, here are 10 steps to creating ultimate guest posts like the pros.

Read the blog

Once you become a well-known blogger you can get away with writing about whatever’s on your mind and submitting to someone’s blog. As long as it’s even remotely relevant your post will be published just because you’re a celebrity. However, until you reach that celebrity status, it pays to do some research first and then write for a specific blog.

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Read the last few months of blog posts to see what topics have recently been covered. Covering a topic that’s just been recently covered on the blog is fine, but you’ll want to make sure you give it your own personal touch.

Read the comments

Read the comments, too, to see what questions people are asking, or maybe they’re disagreeing with something the blogger said. What are they discussing? You can find some really great topic ideas in the comments section,.

Research trends

What’s going on in the marketplace – right now? Is there controversy brewing? Is there a new software program, a new baby formula, are people talking about Back-To-School shopping? What are today’s not topics?

One reason bloggers like to use guest blog posts is to attract new traffic to their blog. If your guest blog posts brings in a lot of new traffic, you’ll soon be one of those celebrity bloggers we talked about earlier.

Make a list of ideas

While you’re researching and reading and checking out trends, keep a running list of possible guest blog posts titles. Jot down everything you think of. If it won’t work for one blog it might for another. And if it doesn’t, you can always use it on your own blog.

This is your time to shine

Don’t blog about something unless you know what you’re talking about. This is you time to shine. A be prepared. You might have to answer questions from commentors.

Use basic online writing techniques

If this is your first dip in the guest blogging pool, learn a little about online writing. Learn how to use keywords, how to format an article with bullet points and sub-headings to make your post easy for online readers to scan and understand. Consider some of the more popular article types: Top 10 Lists, How-To articles, Pros and Cons articles, and Step-by-Step articles are always popular.

Edit your blog post

Before you send it off, check your guest blog post for spelling and grammar errors, formatting errors, and even errors in continuity or content. And when you’re done, check it again.

Take it for a test drive

It might sound like overkill but there’s a lot riding on a guest blog posts and you need to make a good first impression. Until you feel comfortable with the process and your writing, take each guest post for a test drive. Either read it out loud to yourself to see how it sounds, or ask a friend or two to give you a critique.

Link to relevant content on the blog

Wanna make some brownie points? Include one anchor text link in your article that links to an inner blog post on the blog your guesting on.

Be yourself

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Trying to copy the other blogger will make your content sound forced and phony. And the reason people look for guest bloggers is to add a little bit of spice or contrast to their blogs. So write that article in your own voice and let that new audience see the real you.


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