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Twitter trends occur all of the time.

When you see someone make a tweet with a hash tag at the end, the chances are that they’re contributing to a trend, or trying to start their very own trend.

When enough people mention the same word or group of words, a trend is started and it can show up on Twitter’s trending table.

Twitter trends are ideal for website owners – they can be a source of easy traffic with minimal effort required to actually drive people to your own website.

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Identifying trends

When you’re logged into Twitter, you’ll see a list of global trends on the bottom left of your screen.

These trends can be about anything at all – some of them will be prefixed with a hash tag symbol, whilst others will just be random words.

It’s a common misconception that trends can only be started with a hash tag in front of them.

In fact, trends are started whenever a word is used by a large number of people, whether it’s prefixed with a hash tag or not.

Log on to Twitter now and have a quick look at what’s trending.

Tapping into trends

Before you can think about tapping into trends you must first have a website – after all that’s where you’ll want to drive traffic to.

You must then identify a current trend that’s related to your website, and find a way in which to drive that traffic to your site.

The best example to use here would be Justin Bieber.

Like him or not, Bieber is almost always trending on Twitter for one reason or another.

If you run a fan site about Bieber it would make sense to monitor trends on Twitter – every time a Bieber related hash tag pops up, you should join the trend whilst posting a link to your site.

People interested in Bieber are likely then to click through to your website.

It’s very simple but very effective.

Monetizing trends

Lots of people try to monetize Twitter. This is easier said than done – but again using the above example it’s definitely possible.

If you put a content lock on your Justin Bieber fan site so that users have to complete a CPA deal before they get to the content, you can make an awful lot of money.

There are other ways to monetize trends too – we’ve all seen those “free iPhone” CPA ads, so why not throw one of those into the mix?

Each time a new Apple device is launched a trend forms on Twitter. Apple devices are renowned for being expensive, so a few links to CPA competitions are likely to get a good number of signups.

The fact is that there are hundreds of different ways to tap into Twitter trends for fast traffic and big profits.

Those who think outside of the box will do the best using social media such as Twitter.

Remember Twitter are now extremely tough on people who they catch “spamming” their site – make sure your tweets are not sent out as spam, and that they’re topical and relevant to the trends in which you’re participating.


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