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Social media is the current rage and many who are in business are taking advantage of the popularity.

One of the fastest growing social media sites is Twitter.

This means that anyone looking to increase traffic to their site will take advantage of Twitter to direct followers to their page.

However, doing so requires that you have the followers to direct.

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It may seem that gaining followers on your account is difficult, but that does not have to be the case.

There are several things you can do to help acquire more followers and give yourself a better chance of building up your own website traffic.

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If you have profiles on other social media sites then you want to use them to your advantage.

Many people that belong to one site might not belong to another.

Even if they have a Twitter account they may not have thought to look up your profile.

This is why it is always important to regularly advertise your Twitter account on your various other social media sites.

When you do, the number of followers you have can significantly increase.

Make it a point to advertise your Twitter account as often as possible on your social media accounts because you are always gaining new fans that may not know yet.

Social media is not the only way to advertise.

Take advantage of your own website for that purpose as well.

Visitors that you do have can easily connect with you when you have your Twitter link listed prominently on your page.

This means that your current traffic will begin following you simply to keep updated.

If you use Twitter to offer special deals make sure to announce that on your site as well.

The more you have to offer followers, the easier it will be to acquire them.

Not everything revolves around your personal advertisement.

Sometime simply activities can increase your followers.

Twitter is a unique tool that often connects people with something in common.

You can easily attract followers by doing something as simple as following someone else.

When you follow another relevant site that shares your common interests or goals, you will find that other followers of that site locate you as well.

To ensure this is the case, Tweet and mention that site occasionally.

This will draw the attention of their followers and allow you to gain some of your own.

Gaining followers is something that requires you to put forth a bit of effort.

If you simply open the account and never do anything with it then you will find very few are interested in following you.

Instead you want to locate those followers and then provide them a reason to stick around.

This could include offer special deals, linking to blog posts or simply keeping them updated as to what is going on with your site.

If you consistently provide information they can only find on Twitter and you work hard at acquiring those followers then you will find that your effort proves successful and your Twitter account continues to thrive.


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  1. Bbrian017

    Steven, one of my favorite ways to get new followers is by tweeting their latest content and following them on both the bbrian017 and blogengage accounts. This is what I call my double penetration marketing strategy. If they don’t notice the blogengage account there’s a good chance they will notice the bbrian017 account.

    If they don’t I simply start it all over again and again until 1, they notice and follow me or 2 I give up.

    1. Steven

      This is a good plan but the idea works only with people who are following back if you follow them.

      Personally I don’t follow back all the people who follow me. I prefer following only a few people. It allows me to have better interactions with each one of them.

  2. Reeha@gift Ideas

    Thanks for your awesome tips and suggestions. I is wish of every online interpreter that he should have maximum followers on Twitter however most of us lacking these tips.
    I am sure every successful bloggers are using these tips to bring more followers to its account.

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