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I see many newbie entrepreneurs struggling with a twitter 101 guide, fumbling for tips on how to get more followers or generate more leads quickly. Take a step back guys. Detaching from business-related outcomes helps you approach twitter with the proper mindset. Smart tweeters know that promoting other people and tweeting value helps you generate more leads, attract more followers, boost your sales and grow your list.

twitter 101 tips

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Forget using automated software or tricks to inflate bloated follower counts. Create good content, share with your followers and retweet frequently to throw out your twitter 101 manual for good.

1. Tweet Value to Become Valuable

twitter 101 tweet value

Tweeting value means sharing stuff to solidify your name in the twittersphere. Learning twitter 101 can be a daunting, intimidating task. You might fear missing out on sales or losing readers or squandering leads so you naturally do stupid stuff, including spamming folks with your business or capture pages. This might be considered twitter 101 in some circles, so beware!

Once you learn how to tweet properly most of your tweets will provide value to your target audience. Tweeting blog posts, videos, podcasts and newsletters directed to your prospects or readers can help you attract more hungry individuals to your stream. If you are intent to learn twitter for newbies, 101, try tweeting value. Your newbie status or label might just disappear in record time.

Study the top tweeters on earth. Most send out only valuable, helpful content, with the odd business or self-serving tweet to drum up sales. If you want to attract followers – and I teeter around 25,000 twitter followers as I write these words – tweet value, and of course you will become valuable.

Many desperate, newbie twitter users search far and wide for a twitter guide but using this simple tip accelerates your learning curve at a stunning pace. Help people by solving their problems with your tweets. If you want to move from twitter 101 guide for beginners to twitter for masters try sending out value through 90% of more of your updates.

Tweet your helpful posts and also tweet helpful posts from individuals who work within your niche. Leverage your twitter presence and make friends along the way by sharing value from your buddies; they will appreciate your kindness and many of these folks will return the kind act, effectively expanding your outreach.

Now you know to tweet value. What else can you do to master twitter?

2. Engage to as Many RTs as Possible

twitter 101 engage

Engaging is the great, lost, secret, at least on twitter. Heck, most social media websites are missing active, engaging, chatty individuals. Twitter 101 seems to go against the average tweeter’s behavior; using the network as a sounding platform, or 1 way street, what with the rapid fire of endless tweets polluting your stream, most of which are directed at growing businesses.

Once you take a deep breath, pull back, and observe how the pros do it, you will be far more likely to engage your active retweeters.

Do you know what a retweet is? If not, a retweet is simply when another twitter user tweets your post to their followings. In twitter slang, you might refer to this as “giving you props.” However you wish to label the term retweeting is simply one of the kinder, network-expanding acts you can perform on the microblogging platform.

Effective twitter 101 focuses on the idea of actively engaging your buddies. Prove that you are human. Be a live body. Engage your friends and new followers on a persistent basis to stand out from the tweeting crowd.

If you want to follow rules for twitter 101 you might as well dive in and take each step, right? OK, this means releasing the urge to send out links all day and avoid engaging, a mistake which plagues many otherwise talented, driven tweeters. Show that you are listening and you might just grow your business at an alarming rate of speed.

3. Stay on Topic

twitter 101 on topic

Staying on topic helps you condition your target audience with a persistent, dogged message. Think of subconscious conditioning; by telling someone to do something, or programming someone with massive value, all directed at a specific niche, you naturally condition these individuals to respond to your persistent, consistent message.

People used to think I was a self help coach, or life coach. Big mistake on my part. I was following the normal path of twitter 101, sending out all manner of inspirational quotes and videos instead of sticking to my online business niche.

Once I stayed on topic people realized who I was and what I could offer to benefit them. This alone helped me graduate from twitter 101 to twitter for intermediate users. Staying on topic proves to be a chore at times; how can you attract so much good, targeted information?

You can become a creative machine yourself or you can use niche-specific twitter lists or other forms of content curation to target your audience and stay on topic. Also consider joining tribes where you can share top shelf content from your niche at the click of a mouse, or on auto-pilot. By sharing content from your specific niche you can alert people to what you do and how you can help individuals.

4. No Auto Messages Please!

twitter 101 automation

Auto messages are the bane of veteran tweeters. You can only succeed online by making personal connections with as many twitterers as possible, and of course automating certain elements of your marketing campaign. When learning how to approach twitter 101 you might just follow the wrong advice of a struggling marketer. These types advise you to send out an auto welcome message to every person who follows you.

Run, do not walk, from anybody who suggests that you greet new followers with auto DMs. As someone with almost 25,000 followers I can assure you that I look at my DMs once each week, if that frequently, because I have no time to sift through the thousands of terribly spammy messages which litter my inbox.

Smart tweeters know that sending someone a DM means nothing unless you address the individual by name, adding a personalized air to your internet marketing campaign. Scrap the auto DMs to lessen the spam load to the twitter-sphere. Devote your time and energy to posting usable, helpful content, making connections and boosting your social reputation by doing things the intelligent way.

5. Stay in the Stream

twitter 101 stream

Before you sprint out to download the latest twitter 101 video use this most simple of twitter tips; stay in the stream. You would be amazed at how many folks fail to send out even 1 tweet a day. This crowd then wonders why nobody seems to be following them or retweeting their content. OK, you twitter 101 crowd, imagine publishing a newspaper once weekly. Subscribers readily gobble up the news headlines via print or online mediums on a daily basis. If you want to master the twitter basics think about this newspaper analogy.

Now imagine if the newspaper decides to publish once every week. How quickly would the readership drop off? Your twitter feed is similar to a newspaper; posting fresh, relevant content on a daily basis attracts new readers/followers to your stream which grows your business. If you post one tweet daily you will lose followers at an alarming pace.

Stay in the stream to get noticed and increase the chances of gaining readers, making sales and attracting followers. Good things happen for tweeters who appear to be all over the place. You can stay in the stream by tweeting content from lists or using automation tools to send out content at predetermined times. Access as many sources of content as possible to make your twitter stream a resource for people who dig your niche.

6. Retweet Frequently

twitter 101 retweet

The simple but powerful act of retweeting your followers can help you move from twitter 101 to twitter for advanced users. Few people have fully embraced the power of leveraging, or promoting other people to expand your own presence online. I must say that retweeting other people is a chief reason why I have attracted almost 25,000 twitter followers despite now using the network every single day over the past 5 years.

Retweeting others through tribes or manually retweeting individuals on twitter once or twice daily says, “Thank You” to anybody who may have retweeted you, or you are simply giving social media props on the microblogging platform each time you use the retweet button to expand your buddies’ presence.

One single retweet can change your life forever. After following a number of influential tweeters and retweeting their content I received a retweet in return from most of these power tweeters. These days saw me attract 50 or 100 followers within a number of hours. If you are studying the fundamentals of a twitter tutorial for beginners sear the idea of retweeting others firmly on your mind; smart tweeters know that giving freely is the most simple way to generate retweets, attract more followers and grow your business on the social network.

Are you a twitter veteran?

Are you using a twitter 101 guide now?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below and do add your own tips!


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  1. Suresh Khanal

    Great tips, Ryan. You’ve hit it hard!

    Because there are so many tasks and very limited time, because there are numerous social networks and the need to be present everywhere compelled us automate as many things as we can. The limit once crossed reaches to spamming. You’ve presented the best honest tips for anybody to succeed in twitter.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Yep Suresh, it can be taxing because we are busy and twitter gets kind of nuts sometimes….LOL! Thanks so much for sharing your insight with us….and hey, all the best with the contest this month buddy!

  2. Anis Chity

    powerful twitter tips here
    twitter is PR10 and it’s really powerful way to pull in traffic to your blogs
    thanks for sharing this awesome post
    have an awesome day ahead :)
    If we follow these titter tips we will surely suceed
    thanks for sharing :)

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Yeah Anis I noticed that a while back. A PR 10 site! Big league link juice….which is why I hit twitter pretty hard and despite the spammy claims, heck I use it to the hilt. So Key to do it. Thanks dude!

  3. Nwosu Desmond

    I couldn’t agree less with you Ryan, just like publishing quality content naturally attract loyal subscribers so do tweeting quality tweets in attracting loyal followers. If you spend your time on Twitter without converting your followers to traffic then you have clearly been wasting your time.

    The tips you shared in this article is my working formular, i try to engage my followers with useful tweets and about automation i differ a little, i may not have all the time to spend on Twitter, so i engage with some awesome automation tools but i reply to mentions manually, that way i meet the followers need specifically.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Yep Nwosu, find that neat balance between automation and manually responding….by doing so you will more quickly gain the trust of your target audience which is of course a biggie in the online realm….thanks dude!

  4. Sanjay Choubey

    Really very interesting post. It helped me thanks for sharing with us. I have also recommended it to my friends. keep posting like this for us. we are getting help from you. all the best for your next post

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Sanjay, thanks so much for sharing! By recommending this post we can spread the word and raise the overall awareness in the tweet-o-sphere LOL.

      Thanks again for sharing and if you can, please stop in again!

  5. Pawan

    Hey Ryan,

    I must say that most of these techniques are working flawlessly with me. Especially, retweeting the message of other bloggers has allowed me to spread the reach to more than 200%. Justretweet is doing an awesome job for me over there.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Retweeting Pawan is the real secret to twitter success. If you are willing to help out your buddies and retweet frequently you can see tremendous success in no time. Sow and reap, right? ;) Easy peasy!

  6. Priyanka Subramanyam

    I was wondering about the recommended ratio of re-tweets to original tweets. I have seen a wide array of differences between people, including have more re-tweets than original tweets. I have also seen people who have 1/2 or 3/4 of their tweets being re-tweets or thanks to others for following them.

    I was also wondering about thanking others for following. Is this useful at all? If so, in which context?

    Any thoughts?

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      I am not big on ratios or measuring, I just retweet like mad lol…..and as for thank yous, that becomes impossible when you have 24,000 plus followers, or even 5000, so no I would not do it….thanks!!

  7. Phil

    Nice article Ryan. I do that think people have forgotten that social networking should be about engaging with people. It’s not just a platform for broadcasting our own messages. Oh and I hate auto DM!

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Agreed Phil. The auto DM absolutely kills flow and relationship building in the twitter sphere. So much easier to RT someone or engage them to build a relationship between people. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Wayne Miller

    Hi Ryan,
    These are all good tips, there is another level though. I’ve taken it up several notches from what you have in this post. It’s great information though and I recommend people use it. Social media is always thought of as individual sites that people use. People who do use it should think of themselves more like spiders and social media as the web. Catching others in the web isn’t hard if you think of it that way.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Cool Wayne….how have you taken it up several notches? Always eager to learn buddy ;) Simply using that spider analogy is a way cool way to think it through. Sometimes a bit of thought is all you need to distance yourself from the twitter crowd.

  9. Adesoji

    Oh Nice…

    I thought this was going to be like so many others I’ve read recently but this is different.

    It should be all about being human, staying focused, engaging with others and staying valuable

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Exactly buddy.

      Some of these tips are so simple but we get caught up in making them difficult.

      So much easier to stick to the basics, make friends, promote other people and of course, persist like heck.

  10. Lisa

    Ryan, great tips. I’m guilty of not doing enough RT’s. I will start to work on this to see if I notice a difference. I agree to stay in the stream and interact whenever possible. I’m not a fan of automation but am a fan of Triberr. #1 is really important and staying on topic can be difficult at times if it’s a personal account :) I’m interested in so many things!

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      I hear you Lisa ;)

      I too like tweeting about many different topics. So it can be a good thing if you keep it interesting and avoid straying off topic too darn frequently lol…..thanks for stopping by.

  11. Adesanmi Adedotun

    Time is limited but task are much to be accomplished, there are countless number of social network, and thinking of being present in all these social networks bring about automating and spamming can surface from there.

  12. Wayne Miller

    Hi Ryan,
    I got your request and I haven’t been ignoring you. I responded to your request by writing a post about my entire process on my forum. It’s too large for this comment box, I wanted to post the link here but I can’t. I want to be able to send people to the post on my forum. Can we work that out between us. Maybe you could post an addendum to your post with my link or something to that effect. I have never divulged what I do or how I do it until now, but it has value. When you read the post I’m sure you will agree.

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