Traffic Shelf Life Is Your Traffic Going to Last Forever? No!

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If you think your blog traffic is going to last forever, just stop blogging for a month, then go check your stats. First, though, get your phone,dial 9-1-1, and be ready to hit the ‘call’ button. You’re going to need it.

But before we start talking about whether or not your blog traffic will last forever, let’s define ‘forever.’ Do you mean will it last until the end of time? Or are you just wondering if your traffic will last for the next year? Or 6 months? Or will it even still be there next week?!

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blog traffic last forever

There are a number of reasons your blog traffic won’t last for ever. First and foremost is the fact that there will always be someone hungrier than you. You’re always going to have competition and the minute you let down your guard they’re going to trample your blog.

Look how many keywords you struggle to hold onto now. Each time you move up a notch you nudge someone out of that spot. But the same thing happens when you’re competitors target that keyword. They post something a little more relevant, they do a little extra to promote the link and voila! They get more traffic and bump you out of position.

Your competitors want that traffic just as badly as you do, some even more so, and they’re going to fight to get it.

But there’s always someone out there who’s better than you, too. Better at conveying a message, better at engaging their readers, better at the whole business of blogging.

No, your blog traffic won’t last forever…unless you want it to.

It’s possible for your blog traffic to last as long as you want it to, no matter how long that is. It’s even possible to continue to grow your blog traffic. But you have to be dedicated to maintaining and growing your business. Here are some things you can do to keep that traffic coming in:

Never stop learning

Just when you think you have Google figured out they change their algorithm. Just when you’ve finally learned how to set up a Fan page, Facebook decided to move things around. The Internet is constantly changing so you need to keep constantly learning new things.

And as the Internet continues to evolve, new marketing methods also come into play. Only a year ago everyone was talking about using Google Buzz to promote products and now everyone’s trying to learn how to use a Fan page and tie in LinkedIn while they’re at it.

Never stop listening

Your traffic will also change and evolve. A lot of the people who visit your site today will move on in the very near future. But you won’t notice because right now you’re paying attention and you’re providing the type of content that attracts plenty of new traffic. Don’t stop listening to what your readers want.

Your traffic is also constantly evolving. Six months ago you may have been concentrating on bringing in more Traffic from Twitter. This month it may be StumbleUpon. Each group has different likes and dislikes and it takes different types of content to attract and hold their attention. So far, you’ve been adapting because you’re concentrating on bringing in that new traffic.

Start paying more attention to the mechanics of blogging

A lot of bloggers have no idea how to actually set up a blog so it ranks well in the search engines. They think all it takes to have a successful blog is lots of traffic and plenty of content. But you need to start learning more about the mechanics of blogging.

Do you know what meta tags are? Have you installed Google Analytics on your blog? Do you know how to create an anchor text link properly? There are thousands of little details that affect how your blog ranks in the search engines and they ultimately affect your traffic. Start learning more about the mechanics of creating a blog the search engines respect so the next time Google unleashes and Panda your blog will survive the attack.

Is your blog traffic going to last forever? No, it won’t. Not if you start taking your blog, your readers, and your business for granted. But take a look around your own city. Every city has businesses that have survived for years, or even decades. A blog is just another business. As long as you treat it as such, and remain vigilant and open to new ideas, your blog traffic can last as long as you want.

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  1. Dmitriy

    It’s true. Internet is constantly changing, and always will. One muct always learn something new. Or he/she would fail.
    Steven, thanks for this post.

  2. Affiliate Manager

    Letting your content dry up is the quickest way to kill your blog. I went on a nice little vacation and didn’t blog for a few weeks. I saw a nice drop in traffic and even got some complaints. haha. Post consistency and frequency is critical.

    1. Steven

      Once your readers get “trained” to read your content with a given frequency, it’s quite hard to change the posting rhythm as they expect some fresh content on a regular basis.

  3. David

    Great post and topic choice. Just getting the momentum up and the traffic up in the first place can be a lot of hard work. Add to that the extreme learning curve that a ‘new’ person faces and it is little wonder that there are not more successful blogs out there.

    ON the other hand, people have different ideas about what success really is.

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