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Woulda, shoulda, coulda and hindsight’s twenty-twenty.

How many times have you visited a blog or read a post and thought, “Man! I shoulda wrote about that.

While you’re kicking yourself, that other blogger is pulling in traffic like there’s no tomorrow.

Want to generate more traffic for your blog?

Learn to think ahead with SEO.

Seasonal content: Publish seasonal or holiday content at least six weeks to two months in advance to give it time to index. In fact, it’s never too early to start planning for any holiday. Once the content is published, it’s there forever. Publish it now and put a push on promoting it as each holiday approaches.

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If you think holiday or seasonal content only works on craft and shopping blogs, you’re wrong. No matter what you’re blogging about you can always do year-end round ups to ring in the New Year, or Top 10 lists for Christmas, or Tricks and Tips posts for Halloween. Look for keywords relevant to each holiday and find creative ways to turn them into blog content.

Timely content: If you’re the first blogger to post a scoop you can bet you’re not only going to get a huge burst of traffic, you’re also going to get a lot of incoming links from the other bloggers who cite you as a source.

How do you find that timely content? Stay on top of your niche. Tech bloggers are always making predictions about the next upgrade. Political bloggers are always predicting voting results. And it’s because they stay on top of the news. They’re like secret agents. They see what’s happening everywhere, put two and two together, and the next thing you know they’re posting a major scoop.

If you think you’re blogging in a niche that doesn’t make much news, like crafting or cooking, think again. Every day there’s something in the news that can be made relevant for your readers. Use Google Alerts, set up categories to watch in Google news, and follow the top relevant blogs.

Domain names: A few years ago, Rogers Cadenhead registered several domain names in anticipation of the next pope. One of the domains he bought, for a mere $12, was Every day there are new names, new manufacturers, and new products in the news. What if you don’t want to blog in that particular niche? Park it and sell ad space. Better yet, sell the domain to the highest bidder and make a huge profit.

It takes time to craft quality content and it sometimes takes days or weeks for it to hit the search engine indexes. If you’re waiting for December 1 to publish your Christmas content you’re waiting too long. You need to anticipate what people will be searching for months in advance to give you time to get some traffic to that content and start building some link authority.

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  1. Andrew Healey

    Hi Steven, another good post. To be honest, I have never thought about planning for upcoming events. In relation to allowing time for indexing, could you not submit your post to Google to speed up the process?

    1. Steven

      Once your blog is active enough, Google will index your content quickly. Nowadays it takes less than a couple hours for Dukeo’s posts to appear in Google’s index.

  2. Robyn

    I’m always looking for ways to generate blog traffic (I think it is what we bloggers are obsessed with!) and think that the point about seasonal traffic is a great idea….mmmm better get thinking about Easter!

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