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  1. Regularly visit other blogs and leave comments: Use various links to link back to your blog. Even more important, start developing relationships with the community surrounding the blogs you visit.
  2. Over-deliver on content and value: Deliver more than your competition, go above and beyond. If they can read the same content somewhere else, why should they bother visiting your blog?
  3. Ping the search engines every time you update your blog: Let the search engines know every time you publish something new.
  4. Blog frequently: The more you post, the more URLs you’ll have which makes it that much easier for people to find your blog in the index.
  5. Create a community: Nobody is going to buy anything the first time they visit your blog. You need to keep them coming back. For that, you need to develop a community of followers. Use social networks and your comments section to get people excited and keep them talking.
  6. Publish content on high ranking sites like Squidoo or Hubpages: Get off your blog for more exposure. Create a library of authoritative content on other sites and link back to key content on your blog.
  7. Article Marketing: Publish strong, authoritative content on article directories for link authority and index presence.
  8. Find unique forums relevant to your niche: To find forums relevant to your niche just search ‘you niche:forum’. Look for small communities that have a lot of activity. It only takes one or two to make a difference to your traffic.
  9. Promote other bloggers in your niche: Use your blogroll widget to link out to relevant blogs. Go a step further and actual reference and link to individual blog posts on those blogs. Your readers will appreciate the additional resources you’re providing and those other blogs will start returning the favor.
  10. Be controversial – occasionally: There’s no doubt about it, controversy sells. Use it sparingly and fairly and watch the sharing begin!
  11. Install Social Sharing buttons on your content: Make it easy for your readers to share your content. Make those buttons visible.
  12. Install Social Follow buttons so people can follow you in your networks of choice: And make it easy for your readers to follow you. Make those buttons visible, too.
  13. Create Share-able Content: Those buttons won’t help unless you create content your readers want to share. Use your imagination – videos, images, use a guest blogger, hire someone to write a killer post if you have to. Think “Viral!
  14. Promote your best content: Highlight your best content in a widget – “This is what everybody’s talking about! Share it with your friends!
  15. Collaborate with other bloggers: Look for bloggers in complimentary niches and set up a collaboration. Comment on each other’s blogs, share content for each other, cross-promote.
  16. Coordinate all your profiles and images: Start thinking about branding. All you online profiles and images should be the same so followers recognize you no matter where they see you.
  17. Guest blog: Get out there and guest blog and start using guests for some of your own blog posts. Your readers will love the variety and you’ll pull traffic in from other blogs.
  18. Write for other high ranking sites: Yeah, there’s a lot of writing involved. Find a high ranking, high visibility blog or website and start writing for them, too, on a regular basis. For example, check out or or other relevant sites. This is especially helpful for new bloggers trying to build authority fast.
  19. Learn to spot trending topics: Use Google Trends and Google News to see what’s trending in the news. Then find a way to work a hot topic into your blog each week.
  20. Quit worrying about selling: You can be giving away free gold bullion but if you don’t have any traffic no one is going to know it. Stop worrying about selling something and develop a loyal following first. You’d be amazed how easy it is to sell something to people who already like and trust you.

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  1. Tehmina Zaman

    Some awesome tips, thank you! I especially liked the suggestion about posting on niche forums – I will definitely be trying that one out and will let you know how I get on.

    1. Steven

      Great! Thank you for your comment Tehmina. Keep me posted!

  2. Emilio Ramirez

    thanks for the great tips, i didn’t know a few of them.

    1. Steven

      You’re welcome Emilio!

  3. Eddie Gear

    Traffic is the key to any blog’s success. If you want to make it big in the blogging world, the first thing you need to learn to do is generate traffic to your blog.

    Thanks for the lovely tips Stu. Cheers.

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