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In the early days of Dukeo, I did write an article titled “Success is impossible without setting your Goals”. While I am still convinced that goal setting is an essential step of success, I’d like to add more though to it, especially to the “time” notion of goal setting.


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When setting goals, a lot of people are staying vague. You can hear a lot of people saying: “I may buy a new car in a month”, “I may head for a better job in a year”… Setting goals is really essential, but what this kind of person is basically saying is that there is a possibility they will try to achieve this goal, but maybe they will simply do nothing.

They are keeping the door open to run from their goal. This may be for a lot of different reasons. One of them being that when you are talking about your own projects, people tend to defend their own, but they may not have the same will to succeed that you have. That’s the world’s rules: when facing their goals and dreams, some people will take the leap of faith needed to actually go for it, and some people won’t ever take action.

When you are in the process of setting your goals, it is important that you set a time limit for it. For example: “I will reach $XX,XXX income in 2 months” or “I will buy a new car in 6 months”. This kind of goals with a time limit are like silent contracts you are making with yourself. By setting this time limit, you are setting a deadline for your work efforts which adds to your motivation.

Sure, there is a risk of hitting a wall and failing, but someone who is really willing to go for success will stand up to it and find another way to reach their goal, while a loser will just get discouraged (that is if he even tries in the first place).

I can promise you that every successful person out there is not someone who succeeded in everything, they are just people who didn’t get discouraged when they failed, and they always know what is the time limit for each of their goals!


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