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If you’ve never thought it’s possible for life to get in the way before, just wait until you start blogging. Sometimes it seems like the Fates really are conspiring against you. You know you need to work on your blog, in fact you’re chomping at the bit to get to your computer, but, well, there’s your full-time job, your family, your friends, the dog, the broken pipe under the kitchen sink… Here are ten fresh tips to help you find time for blogging, in between all that other “life” stuff.

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1. Cheat the Sandman – The average adult only really needs six to seven hours of sleep at night. Go to bed an hour later and get up an hour earlier, or go to bed at the same time and get up two hours earlier. And if you’re taking a nap every day, too, there’s another hour you could be using to work on your blog.

2. Blog on your lunch hour – Lots of bloggers work full-time jobs, so you’re not alone. Instead of gossiping in the break room, take your laptop to a quiet corner and write another post, check your email, or reply to comments.

3. Work offline – When your blogging time is limited every minute counts. Eliminate distractions that eat up precious time by working offline. At the very least, close email and social networks and shut off all alerts.

4. Streamline your posts – Streamline your posting process by writing all your titles at once. Then go back and list all your key points on each post. Then go back and flesh it out, then edit, then publish. Set up a post-writing assembly line.

5. Get an app or plug-in – Set up your blog to enable email publishing. Use the WordPress app to post images, texts, and even html from your smart phone or mobile device. Install plug-ins to automatically Tweet and Share your posts each time you publish, eliminate comment spam, and automatically scan your blog for broken links. There’s a plug-in or app to simplify almost every process on your blog.

6. Publish guest posts – Start accepting guest post one day a week. Don’t worry. It’s still your blog because you’re the one who makes the final decision whether or not to accept the post.

7. Hire a blogger – Hire another blogger to post once or twice a week, or hire an online virtual assistant to handle tasks like blog commenting, social media interaction or comment moderation.

8. Use different media – Save time and say it in a video instead of all that typing and formatting. Draw a cartoon or create a quick infographic.

9. Have a schedule – Create a posting schedule and plan your posts ahead of time. You’ll always know what you’re going to write about as soon as you sit down at your desk. No more wasting time trying to come up with a topic for the day.

10. Think “Short and Sweet – If you typically write epic-length blog posts, narrow your focus and think “Short and Sweet.” You’ll be able to post more frequently and you posts will be more manageable for your readers. You’ll also be helping your SEO.

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  1. Lorelei Gibb

    Number 3 is my favourite – I have a notes app on my iPad so whilst offline and waiting for a hospital appointment or in the queue in the post office, I blog! Once back in the office I send it to myself and ta-da! A ready made post. Great advice, love your blogs.

  2. Tj Pott


    Strange but I was reading the previous post and left it wondering where you get all the time to blog! Well low and behold I see this and had to read it!

    Great tips … I often favor going offline to generate ideas and rough out outlines! The internet is just one continuous distraction if you let it be so when I can I turn my computer off!

    Great post and as I implied earlier great timing as well!


  3. Heather Mccurdy

    I love the blogging assembly line approach! This has worked well for me and I preset/schedule publishing days in advance so I dont accidently publish now. Great other tips though! Thank you!!

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