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Tiered backlinking is nothing new – SEO fans have been employing tiered techniques for a long time now. In recent years search engines have become critical of sites with “spammy” links pointing at them – what tiered linking does is it puts a buffer between your money site, and those spammy links. You can still receive the benefits of having them – without actually having them pointing straight to your website.

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Popular tiering methods

There are lots of different ways in which you can obtain backlinks to your website – article directories and blog posts are often seen as some of the most “whitehat” links you can get (providing you don’t spam them). Having these links pointing at your site will rarely do you any harm, so you can build a handful of article directory backlinks and maybe some blog backlinks – you’ve then formed your first tier.

Some people like to do huge tiered backlink campaigns with many levels – typically however most people stick to doing just two or three levels. It’s easier to do, less time consuming, and brings in amazing results.

Your first tier

Your first tier, as mentioned before, should consist of only platforms that search engines like. Blog platforms, article directories, press release sites – that sort of thing. The content on the first tier should be very well written, and hand spun (or just totally unique). Remember these properties will all link to your money site – they need to be good.

The second tier

Once you’ve setup the first tier, you can think about setting up a second tier. Some people like to blast their first tier with social bookmarks and forum profiles – whilst others like to add more article directory links and blog posts – it’s totally up to you. If you’re using article directories as a second tier you can generally get away with using spun content – just make sure it’s unique so it gets indexed, and don’t be tempted to link to your money site. If you have ten sites in your first tier, you should aim to have one hundred sites (or more) in your second tier.

The third tier

In the third tier you can use links from Web 2.0 profiles, forum profiles, or even social bookmarks. Links in the third tier point to your second tier (and sometimes first tier) pages/articles.

Don’t forget to ping & submit for indexing!

If you’re spending lots of time on linkbuilding be sure to ping your links then run them through an indexer. Some people choose not to do this step, in order to let Google discover the links of its own accord. Whilst this is OK for some people, those submitting content that isn’t totally unique will find that the only way to get most of the links indexed is to use an indexing tool.

Tiered backlinking is a great way to harness the power of thousands of backlinks, without putting your site in danger of being sandboxed.

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  1. Amit Shaw

    Hey Steven,
    I am too new in blogging and really dont have much knowledge about this.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome tips with us.
    I think Web2.0s sites are very much effective to get good PR. Right?
    My site is too new only 3 Months. Is there any suggestion for me?

    1. Matthew Woodward

      Hi Amit,

      For a 3 month old site I would recommend you begin with a steady flow of links (30-50) a week and the increase this gently over time.

      Every couple of weeks you get all of the links you have built and then begin to build out the tier 2 and tier 3 links.

      The end result is that over time you will be able to manufacture as many high PR authortive relevant and contextual backlinks to your site as you want while creating millions of unique paths for Google to find your website.

      One piece of advice I can give you, don’t get stuck in ‘reading’ mode as it stops you taking action. Learn what you need to do, and do it!

  2. Stas

    bonjour Steven,

    thanks for this article, just wondering , how do you name the sites/web 2.0 sites, I mean if youre main keyword is dog training, i doubt if you name all the new tiered sites with this keyword?? or maybe you do have it in there.

    and another question how many articles per web 2.0 site
    and how many links to the money site per article
    and do all the links go tho the home page of the money site

    merci Steven,

    1. Steven

      This blog post is an introduction to the concept of tiered backlinking. It’s not intended to be a one-size-fits-all guide.

      I may write a more detailed guide about tiered backlinks in the near future.

      Stay tuned.

  3. Reggie

    can I use same keyword list for each tier

    1. Steven

      Yes you can

  4. Emily Jenifer

    bonjour Steven,

    nice share, i do believe in tiered backlinks, the velocity of building backlinks and anchor text also plays a major role while creating link profile in tiers.

    i have seen a drastic movement in rankings while the above both have been properly propagate.

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