Three Niches I Would Get Into These If I Had Time

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Ask any blogger who’s been at it a while and I’m sure they’ll all tell you they have something on the back burner. We all do. But we’re also smart enough to know that we’d have to take time away from our business if we want to start something new.

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We remember how much time it takes to get a new blog off the ground. Anyway, here are three niches I would get into if I only had the time.

Local Business Network

There are so many small businesses out there that would benefit from a website but they don’t know how to do it or they can’t afford to hire someone to do it for them. And most only need a page or two so it’s not really worth the expense.

I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind now and just haven’t had time to sit down and map it out. But I envision a blog about local news, like covering the Farmer’s Market, the Town Council meetings and the next big neighborhood yard sale.

And then I’d allow small business to have their own page to promote their products and services. The SEO from the blog would bring in traffic and the blog would help promote those local small businesses.

How To Build An Online Writing Business

I’ve seen blogs that tell you how to use Elance to find freelance assignments or how to get yourself hired on as a blogger, or how to make money with Fiverr, but those are just temporary gigs and you’re relying on someone else for your paycheck.

There’s so much you can do to put together your own online writing business, where you don’t have to rely on clients or gigs. I’ve never seen one single blog that pulls it all together. I know it would be a huge undertaking but someday….

The Next Presidential Election

Normally I’d say politics is a pretty saturated niche but if you’re willing to work hard and you have the time I think you could make a name for yourself well before the next election. And if you could get to the election your audience would only continue to grow.

Then it would start all over again and by the time the next elections rolled around you’d be a hell of a force to reckon with. Of course, you’d have to really be interested in politics and you’d really have to know your stuff. This is one niche where you definitely can’t fake it.


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  1. Ali Almoosawi

    I loved the local business network idea, it’s true that home business owners and small business will benefit from this idea, but i am wondering what would be a good ready script to do ti with? Let me check if WordPress can offer such plugin, thanks for sharing..

    1. Steven

      WordPress can do anything ;)

  2. Robyn Hawk

    The local business network is up and running on the Left Coast in the OC! ;) Thanks to Bryan Elliot…

    1. Steven

      Well done!

  3. Andi The Minion

    I have been thinking about the local business idea myself for a while but fear that small businesses are not that daft, many of them set up free Facebook business pages and with competition from companies that offer cheap web hosting with easy to use drag and drop page building templates that anyone can use it doesn’t take much to create a few info based pages.

    I wanted to build them a WordPress site for free if they bought hosting through an affiliate link so I would get paid and they would get their site done for free however I do like the idea of combing a local news site with classified style business pages.


    1. Churchill Madyavanhu

      I like the idea of building free websites and making money through affiliate programs. I just made a few dollars using that idea and a bit of outsourcing. The future looks bright. :-)

    2. Steven

      Congrats Churchill! Keep me posted on your progress.

    3. Steven

      The whole point is to organize their mini websites on a single platform so they can be interlinked with related businesses.

  4. Walter Wartenweiler

    Can’t fake it in politics? Hmmm… let me think. Aren’t they all faking?

  5. Jeff Hurst

    I recently started to brainstorm a community type information website. I imagine the local business network idea would sit well alongside this and expand it nicely without it getting too diverse. Thanks

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Jeff

  6. Art Williams

    I think all three of these are excellent ideas. Which one somebody might pick has something to do with their personality too, I think, and what they want to get out of their activity. For example…

    The ‘local news’ thing….I’ve thought for a LONG time that a person could make a killing just going door-to-door in a business area and telling people you’re a YouTube/online video marketing consultant. Business KNOW they should be using video but nobody is offering to help the average guy/gal. A person could do very well just starting with offering to set up their YouTube channel. You could just give’m a form to fill out and then outsource it. Maybe charge just enough to pay a Filipino VA.

    The writing business has great potential too. Again, if a business owner is smart enough to see that they need a website, they SHOULD be smart enough to see they need content. And those who already have site most probably have little or no good content and they probably realize it and would be very open minded to letting somebody help them. As for ‘getting the work done’….there’s plenty of adequate writing talent in local communities and it would be gainful employment for them too. Everybody would win.

    Politics is also a good idea but to pursue that I think you’d have to be really altruistic because the whole problem with politics is that it’s the money in it that often corrupts. Most honest business people today (which, I think, IS most business people) are desperate for somebody they think they can trust. Ethics really are at a premium. For a really ‘people-oriented’ person…I think politics would be fun.


    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Art. Very interesting.

      These three niches really have some potential if you’re willing to do the work. I’m too busy to get into that but I’m pretty sure some people will benefit from it and develop some businesses around these ideas.

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