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For a long time after I started my first blog I just deleted all the trackbacks and didn’t give them a second thought. And then one day, it dawned on me that these were all other bloggers who were linking to me and maybe I should at least find out why. Better yet, with incoming links being so valuable, I should probably even thank these bloggers.

Incoming links are like gold. They’re hard to come by and extremely valuable. When another blogger links to you you should always send a thank you email.

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Why Are Incoming Links So Valuable?

Page Rank

When another blogger links to you that means he’s recommending your blog to his readers. These days, that’s risky business. Recommending a poor-quality blog might hurt your rankings so bloggers are very picky about who they link to. If someone links to you that means he thinks you have high-quality content that’s relevant to his readers.

When the search engines see those links coming into your blog they follow them back to the source. If it’s a higher-ranking blog linking to you then they think, “Wow! This blogger must have some pretty fresh, unique high-quality content if this big blog is linking to him.” They view it as a vote of confidence and reward you with more authority and increased page rank.


Let’s face it, that other blogger is recommending you to his readers so it’s bound to send more traffic your way. And let’s not forget that boost in page rank. That means your pages rank a little higher in the search engine indexes which also means an increase in traffic.

Why You Should Thank The Blogger Who Linked To You

Since those links are so valuable and the blogger’s taking such a big risk, it’s only good manners to thank him for linking to your blog. After all, he could take that link back down if he feels you’re ignoring him.

But it’s also a great way to make new contacts with other bloggers. Eventually you’re going to have bloggers from all over the Internet linking to you. By making that first contact you can build friendships and business relationships with bloggers all over the world.

Your first email should simply contain a Thank You. You can also check out the post he linked from and let him know you read it and you liked it. Consider leaving a comment on his post, too, but make sure you add value and don’t do anything that might hijack the comment thread.

To find bloggers who’ve linked to you you can check your WordPress dashboard for trackbacks and click on the links. You can also check your blog’s metrics or type your URL in at Technorati. Now go find a blogger and send him your Thanks!

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  1. Rew

    Any chance you get to connect with someone should be taken. I remember being absolutely floored the first time someone linked to me. I actually thanked him via a comment and it all spiraled into a pretty good relationship. I’ve actually gotten linked to a few more times on his site and learned some great stuff from him. People who link to you are usually from your same niche, making them a great contact to have.

    1. Steven

      Hello Rew! Thanks a lot for sharing your personal experience with us. I appreciate it a lot.

      You’re absolutely right, connecting with other people can be extremely valuable.

      However, I would add that connecting with people who are out of your niche can have amazing results as well since it can allow you to expand beyond the limits of your niche.

  2. Tymze

    Sorry, this is confusing to me. I have been asking permission to link to people’s blog posts and they have ignored me. Does that mean they just don’t want to? Can I just link without permission?

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