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Thank You Page: Use This List Building Secret

Building an email marketing list is one of the most important things you can do to increase your traffic and sales. And you’ll found all kinds of little tips and tricks online to help you build that list. In fact, I’m going to share one of my own list building secrets with you right here.

Before we start talking about how to use your Thank You page to help strengthen you list, let’s take a look at what you need to get started.

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The first thing you need is a list building plan

Obviously, you’re going to need a Thank You page, but you have to decide what’s going to come before it in your marketing stream. So you need a plan, Stan.

What do you want to achieve with your list? Are you building a list so you can market affiliate products? Are you going to be promoting your own products or services? Are you trying to generate leads for your offline business?

All of the content you put on your blog and all of the offers you use to encourage readers to subscribe will have to relevant to your goal so you can attract exactly the right target audience.

For example, it you’re trying to attract clients to your article writing service, then you wouldn’t want to give them a free ebook that tells them how to write their own articles. You’d want to give them a free ebook that shows them how to use articles to build backlinks and increase traffic. And then, in that free ebook, you’d include links to the sales page you’ve set up for your article writing service.

OK, now that we’ve got the plan out of the way….

Here’s how to set everything up

You’re going to need an opt-in form and your free gift or offer. In this case, we’ll use that How To Use Your Articles to Build Backlinks and Increase Traffic guide.

Once your readers subscribe they’ll be sent an opt-in email so they can verify that they agree to receive your emails. After they click the link in the email, you can choose to send them to a Thank You page where you posted the link for their free pdf.

This is the perfect opportunity to get your upsell in front of your new subscribers. And upsell is one step above a free offer. It should be something in the same niche and same product group as your free offer, only a little bit better. In this case, your upsell could Article Marketing On Steroids – How To Generate 1,000 PR 9 Backlinks With Just One Article A Day (Yeah, I know. It’s an example, ok?)

Put this upsell offer right there on your Thank You page so your subscribers see it when they come to get their freebie you offered for their opt-in. They’re in a good mood when they hit this page. They’re excited, they can’t wait to see what your giving them for free, and a lot of them will go ahead and check out your upsell just because they think you’re awesome.

Not everyone will click on this offer, and you’ll probably have to do some split testing to find a good price point and sales copy. And if you over-deliver on your freebie (and you already know you’re supposed to over-deliver, right?) then a lot of your subscribers will snap up your upsell as soon as they read it.

One of the most important email secrets you should learn is that you always need to have an upsell, or a downsell or send your subscribers to another opt-in form and get them on another one of your lists. Never just send them to a Thank You page that only says Thank You!

How does this help you build your list?

Every product you create should have plenty of links in it that lead back to your website, and especially to a page with an opt-in form on it somewhere. And you should always over-deliver. You want your subscribers to be dazzled and amazed at all the secrets you’re revealing – even if it’s just your freebie to get them to opt-in.

When you over deliver your subscribers are going to be excited and share your pdf with their friends – and that’s exactly what you want them to do. So their friends can also see how amazing your are and come join your list.


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