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Text Link Ads Review: Make Money From Text Link Ads

Text link ads are exactly what they sound like – text links that exist on your blog or website which are paid for by a third party. An advertiser might choose to use text link ads to help drive revenue to their site, or to attempt to increase their page rank. Text link ads can exist in the sidebar of your blog (or somewhere else specifically designated for ads) or as in-content links.

Text Link Ads – The Website And Service

Aside from the general usage of the term “text link ads”, there’s also the website and service Text Link Ads. Text Link Ads exists to set up a marketplace where publishers can set up their Text Link Ads and earn extra income, and advertisers can go to purchase Text Link Ads. This review will focus on the features and benefits of the service for publishers.

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About Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads is the largest text link ads marketplace, growing at a rapid rate, with thousands of websites already signed up. They’ve recently expanded into Germany and France, and have plans of expanding into Latin America soon. Aside from their signature sidebar text link ads, they feature context-relevant inLink ads that are based on your website’s content. Text Link Ads boasts the highest ratio of page real estate to revenue earned of any advertising program, including Google AdSense.

Text Link Ads Review Features and Benefits

Publishers get automatically paid on the first of the month, via their choice of PayPal, check, Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard, or a TLA voucher. The voucher can be automatically applied to an advertising account with Text Link Ads, and choosing to get paid via the voucher option ads 15% on to the payment. For example, if your payment would have been $100, and you chose the voucher option, $115 will be deposited into your account. The minimum payment required for check and prepaid Mastercard is $25; there is no minimum payment requirement for PayPal or vouchers.

Text Link Ads does take 50% of all advertising revenue, to cover servers, scheduling, billing, customer service, and sales. You can’t set your own prices with Text Link Ads, as they use an automatic algorithm that takes in the traffic of your website, your website’s theme, and your current page ranking to determine the pricing of Text Link Ads on your website.

Publishers have complete control over what text link ads appear on their website, and their account can be set up to email the publisher whenever a new ad is sold, so that the ad can be approved or denied. Text Link Ads can be run alongside other ad networks, with the caveat that Text Link Ads must be the only provider of static HTML advertisements on your blog.

Publishers must apply to be a part of the Text Link Ads network. New sites are usually approved within 24 hours, and processing of the ads can take an additional 1-3 days.

text link ads publisher dashboard

Text Link Ads Review Summary

Text Link Ads does take a fairly large percentage of the advertising revenue, but in turn, provides an easy to manage, almost totally automated way for you to monetize your blog. It would definitely be worth looking in to for anyone wanting to get started monetizing.


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