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The thing about telling someone what makes a successful blog post is that there are so many variables. Even the definition of “successful” varies from blogger to blogger. Audiences and their needs vary from blog to blog, writing styles and abilities vary from blog to blog.

Every blogger has a different goal in mind, too, and that’s really what defines your success – Are you achieving your goals? It’s not whether or not you’re seeing the same results as other blogs, it’s whether you’re seeing results that move you closer to your own goal.

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Here are three steps to help you write successful blog posts.

Step #1: Define your blogging goals

What do you want to achieve with your blog? If your goal is to sell something, what do you want to sell? Who do you want to sell it to? How do you want to sell it? And most important, how much of it do will you have to sell to consider yourself successful? Just one? One hundred? One thousand?

Without specific goals it’s difficult for anyone to judge if they’re being successful. You can compare results and see an improvement over past performance, and you can compare some of your results to the results you see on other blogs, but you really can’t gauge your progress until you see where you specifically want to be at some specific date in the future.

Step #2: Identify your ideal reader

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, people will only buy something they need, something they think they need or something they want. It’s impossible to find one single product that fits that criteria for everyone on the planet, so your next step is to identify the people in the world-wide marketplace who would need or want the product you’re promoting.

Having a clear picture of your ideal reader helps you create content that appeals to them intellectually and emotionally. If your content attracts male readers between the ages of 18 and 25, chances are they’re not going to be interested in retirement planning products. But if you create content that appeals to readers between the ages of 35 and 45, both intellectually and emotionally, you’ll be much more successful.

Step #3: Define the purpose of your post

Here’s the tough part. Each post on your blog should have a purpose. Most bloggers just publish to be publishing but writing great content is only half the battle. Each post on your blog should do something to move you closer to your goal, and that takes some careful planning.

Today you may decide to write a post about investing in penny stocks to build your retirement nest egg because you have some useful information to share with your readers. That’s great. It sounds like a good post idea. But… Every post needs a purpose.

If your purpose today is to showcase your expertise, then write this post with authority. Include facts and statistics and cite credible sources.

If your purpose today is to increase subscriptions, then include a call to action at the end: Subscribe to my free weekly newsletter to learn more about investing to build your retirement nest egg.

If your purpose today is to get backlinks, then link to relevant information on a higher-ranking blog or see if you can find a relevant quote from another blogger to link to. And then include a strong call to action encouraging your readers to share this post today.

Before you write your next blog post consider your various blogging goals and write each post with a purpose in mind. Provide information that matters to your readers and moves you closer to your goals.

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    I’d love for my favorite NPR reporter to see my blog. I thought of referring to a recent story of hers that is pertinent to the blog I’m writing, and linking to the audio. Do you think this is a good thing to do?

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