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Fall in love with the ease of tweeting and you might just develop a healthy addiction to Twitter marketing.

Using Twitter as a marketing tool helps you reach into your target market quickly since each tweet requires only 140 characters of creativity. You no longer need to spend hours of time sending out updates on other social networks to over deliver to your target audience.

Updating your Facebook account at 5 minute intervals is seen as spam. Posting too many links on the network turns off people quickly. Posting the same link to multiple Google Plus communities puts you in the G+ dog house fast. On twitter you can send out hundreds of tweets hourly and repost old tweets a few times each day to develop your own Twitter marketing trends.

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Twitter is the most social-media-friendly social media strategy for aspiring entrepreneurs. Remember the basic idea behind successful marketing via Twitter; sow freely before you reap. I attracted over 24,000 followers by engaging frequently and helping individuals to grow their follower counts.

twitter marketing successful strategies

By tweeting value and helping people I built my twitter marketing strategy and principles followed by most successful tweeters. I resisted the urge to stuff my stream with worthless tweets. I remained active on the social network to improve my visibility and boosts my follower count.

Stop buying course after course and begin acting on a basic Twitter marketing plan now; create value and build connections to see success on the micro blogging platform. If you want to use smart twitter marketing tips just tweet good stuff and make many friends by sharing other people’s content.

1. Twitter Marketing Quality: Tweet Value

Tweeting value makes you attractive to your target audience. Well, at least this strategy makes you attractive to people who dig your content. You do the targeting by adding niche specific keywords to your updates. Seek out problems and share solutions to those problems via your tweets.

Resist the urge to send out silly updates all day or engage in low energy, nasty, boring or lame tweeting. Some fools tweet poor content and expect to attract a load of followers in a short amount of time. Twitter marketing pros are smart to help people with each and every tweet.


Maybe you inspire by sharing your vacation pictures or perhaps you send out a few inspiring tweets each hour to connect with people who crave your energy. Help people. Tweet value and never tweet garbage if you want to engage in a successful twitter marketing campaign. Be an in-demand tweeter; you tend to find yourself placed on hundreds or even thousands of lists if you bring some big league value to the table each hour of each day.

I like sifting though my stream to see what topics people cover. I observe pain points. I check out twitter marketing gurus and what they are sending out to be informed, then of course I put a twist on their updates to solve problems which need solving. I receive some of my best twitter marketing tips by building lists based upon expert tweeter streams.

2. Twitter Marketing Schedule: Tweet Hourly

Some people tweet once each hour but I feel you leave too much on the table by taking this approach. If you are smart you see twitter for what it is; the Wild West of social media networking sites, and you gain more twitter followers by keeping yourself in the stream with active tweeting and yes, with hyper tweeting.

Twitter marketing focuses on the idea of helping people persistently. Being persistent means staying in the stream each hour of each day because the top tweeters know that volume tweeting makes your job a bit easier. If you stay in the stream people find you. Holding this idea in mind, you never want to waste time on the micro blogging platform, attempting to snag more followers by obsessively tweeting each hour of the day, hurting your fingers in the process.

You need to commit to using twitter marketing intelligently. Stay in the stream without blogging people’s streams up with extraneous, wasteful, boring tweets. Commit to tweeting good stuff and tweeting frequently.

Tweeting each hour to augment your twitter marketing campaign becomes a breeze if you engage frequently. You can send out 5 tweets in a matter of seconds if you respond to as many @replies as possible on the network. Each 5 or 10 tweet block improves your visibility and attracts a massive, targeted following over time.


Be persistent and show up daily. Working an offline job requires you to get to work at least 5 days weekly to earn a check. If you show up daily your twitter marketing campaign is built on a solid, disciplined foundation.

How frequently do you tweet?

I suggest hourly tweeting but know some people feel this is too much. Remember that your followers hail from all over the world; if you can commit to tweeting hourly you can reach followers in the US, or Costa Rica, or Bali, or France.

Twitter Marketing Bonus Tip

Use automation to make your job easier. Twitter marketing tips should concentrate on saving you time. Using plug ins or other tools to send out tweets on auto pilot helps you stay in the stream while you sleep, or rest at the beach. As a traveler I know that being on the road and tweeting is just about impossible in some areas where a poor internet connection prevents me from being online.

When I have a strong connection I automate frequently to set myself up for when the connection goes out. I stay in the stream and attract more followers by tweeting hourly.

3. Twitter Marketing Etiquette: Follow Back

Following back is the easiest way to generate more twitter followers in a minimum amount of time because most folks follow back. Elitist types never follow back but unless you are famous you will have a difficult time gaining twitter buddies if you refuse to follow people.

If you are upset about filling your stream with useless tweets just set up lists. You can select to follow everybody and choose individuals who tweet immense value to join your niche specific lists. Set up lists according niche, or industry, making sure each list pertains to your field of expertise. Your goal remains to follow back everybody to boost your follower count, while of course developing relationships with a many followers as possible.


Following back is frowned upon by twitter purists. These so-called experts feel that twitter marketing is all about following people worthy of a follow but the crowd fails to realize that twitter comes down to a numbers game. You gain many followers in a short period of time you just increased the likelihood that you can attract readers, or more blog subscribers, or more client or more team members.

If you follow back you will note your follower count jumping by 10, 20, 50, or even 100 people each day as you attract a larger audience each day.

4. Twitter Marketing Interaction: Engage Frequently

Engaging frequently takes zero skill. You thank people, support people, ask for help, ask questions and provide answers to prove to individuals that you are human. Twitter marketing bots turn off virtually every follower; you will see a large jump in people unfollowing you if you automate too many updates. Even if you retweet manually, individuals who see no interaction will stop following you quickly.

If you want to optimize your twitter marketing campaign try engaging people each day. Ask questions to pique the interest of your twitter following. Take time to provide answers so people on twitter can see that you are an eager listener.


Thank individuals who retweet your content to develop stronger bonds with your followers. Expressing gratitude makes you stand out from the twitter crowd, the masses of folks who are too busy to stop and thank people who expand their presence on a daily basis.

This one twitter marketing tip can promote your online success so quickly it makes your head spin. The easy part of engaging is that you need not have experience to be polite, or to ask questions. You can provide the correct answers to questions after boosting your know how but the basics of engaging are easy to master in a matter of seconds.

5. Twitter Marketing Promotion: Retweet

Retweeting people makes you popular on the micro blogging platform. People love kind, generous tweeters who are quick to support other folks by retweeting. The simple act of retweeting requires you to press 1 button so set aside 1 second and expand your presence quickly.

Smart tweeters realize that twitter is all about giving before receiving. Send out retweets as frequently as possible through the day. If you can simply help folks many people return the tweet, helping you expand your presence quickly.


See yourself sending out 40 retweets each day. If only 10 or 15 of the people you tweeted retweet you in return you just introduced yourself to 10 or 15 new audiences, or perhaps you are being reintroduced to these audiences as you build your brand and improve your online visibility.

Take the time to expand your twitter marketing campaign by helping people through retweeting. The simple act takes virtually no time and yields immense returns quickly.

Do you employ these 5 successful twitter marketing strategies?

What tips can you add to this list?

How can you better reach your target audience through Twitter marketing?

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  1. Ivin Viljoen

    Hello Ryan. I used to use a follow back strategy and built large following by following related people on Twitter and depending on the follow-back strategy.

    Last year, when I took on a large corporate clients platform we decided to use the following strategy:

    We connect with related people strategically and geographically, adding value and increasing our social equity by making the brand a trusted one.

    With this process we build Twitter followers SLOWLY, but each follower we earned, wants to hear and re ad what we tweet and they are genuine fans. So you’re following may be 10% of what it would be with the follow-back strategy, but it’s worth gold.


  2. Ryan Biddulph

    If it works for you Ivin then go with it ;)

    I like numbers as using both approaches, the follow back strategy worked for me.

    As with anything the energy, intent and clarity behind your approach matters most.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Merlin Ward

    Great post, Ryan! However, these are tactics. Very GOOD tactics! I wish more companies would use them more often – it certainly would make twitter a better place. Too many companies still use Twitter as a push platform and completely miss the opportunity to truly learn about their customers and converse with them.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      This push approach to tweeting absolutely destroys your online business, such a keen point Merlin. If more companies would listen instead of pushing their stuff we would have more successful social media campaigns.

      Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jony

    Excellent article Ryan!

    I can’t count how many times I’ve seen some so called “social media gurus” just spamming the crap out of Twitter.

    They should take a minute to read this article and it would highly improve their Twitter marketing campaigns.

    However, I don’t agree with the follow-back point. If Twitter has a system when people can “follow” you, instead of a reciprocal relationship like on Facebook, it means that it’s not always relevant to follow back people who are following you.

    If I follow Paris Hilton, should she follow me just because etiquette says so? I want to hear about her, but she probably doesn’t want to hear about me. (I’m no actually following Paris Hilton, this was just an example)

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Thanks Jony! As for the follow back I would look at it as a numbers game. Paris might not follow you back but she is more famous than you, so she can afford the snub ;) You and I, we want as many follow as possible. But I see both sides to this one ;) Thanks again!

  5. Sourav

    Hello Ryan,

    At the moment with less than 100 followers, my strategy is to follow back everyone, unless that person’s tweets are way out of my niche. But about this strategy, I have got a mixed reaction from others. There are some who think that this follow back strategy is useless. I like your idea of using lists to tackle this.

    Previously I used to shy away from engaging on Twitter, but nowadays I am doing it, and gaining some good results. Engaging and re-tweeting is a must in order to gain good followers.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Engage like crazy Sourav, you must do this to grow a responsive following. Otherwise you have a bunch of numbers but numbers do not grow your blog or business ;) Thanks for stopping by and sharing your take!

  6. Dave

    Thanks for this article. I’m new to twitter and am in the process of gaining a presence I can use in future marketing campaign. People should pay more attention to quality instead of brute force quantity and this applies to individual marketers and large corporations as well. I’m not surprised at my own impatience with doing this type of marketing but I am surprised at the large corporations seeming lack of foresight.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      LOL Dave, patience is a tough one for any human to grasp, and big companies are run my humans, so….;) So true, I myself fight with the patient aspect of successful tweeting. I have found an aggressive but measured tweeting approach works well for me. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Donna Beckett

    Great blog and interesting points about the follow-back point. Whilst I agree that companies can strategically follow relevant accounts I still itnis important to follow-back your own followers. Following back shows your followers that you are interested in them – which is crucial if you want to build any kind of relationship with them. Engagement is the key to success oh Twitter and that’s impossible if the ‘relationship’ is all one way.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      I like that mindset Donna. What good are followers if you are not actively engaging them? How can you actively engage a follower unless you are following them? This is why I am big on following back. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Arindam Dutta

    Great blog and interesting points about the twitter! Twitter has a great system there people can follow you. I’ve been looking for more ideas to improve or develop my marketing business in twitter. I think these ideas are good for me. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Arindam, please give them a whirl and let me know what you think, OK? Tweeting in this fashion works for me and many other online entrepreneurs.

      The key lies in engaging frequently. Do this and you should find twitter to be a marketing goldmine.

      Thanks for sharing!

  9. Praverb

    Great article Ryan,

    I see a lot of Twitter streams with no engagement and I think to myself they are just broadcast streams.

    But these bloggers engage via their community. So it makes sense.

    What are your thoughts on repeating tweets throughout the day?

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Thanks much appreciated ;) I like tweeting at least twice each day for people in different time zones. 3 times a day is fine too but I am partial to just creating a new piece of content instead of getting attached to old posts.

  10. Robert Connor

    Hi Ryan,
    Since Twitter is a real time system for comments, it can get easy to fall behind. But you are right about following back and engaging frequently. Thanks for the nice post and tips for twitter!

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