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In the business world success is the name of the game. You want everything about you to exude the success you hope for your business to attain. This is even true of those you surround yourself with. The fact is that you will benefit greatly from associating with successful people. They have inside information that could prove beneficial to your business, they help you to network with the right people and the association looks good to those who are watching you before they make a final assessment. Any way that you look at it, you will only help yourself if you find successful people to spend your time with. The hard part is trying to find them.

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find successful people to associate with

What many do not realize is that there are several avenues that can be used to find professionals you can mingle with. You even have the option of selecting online and offline venues for this purpose. The best bet would be to take advantage of both because the fact is that you will need an offline reputation even if your business is predominantly on the internet. You can start that socialization by joining professional groups and clubs in your local area. Many of them require dues, but you will be included in several activities that give you the opportunity to make friends and do some much needed networking.

Online socializing works in much the same way only the interaction is not face to face. You can easily find specialized groups on the internet that focus on your chosen field. While you might also like a broader group to give yourself some diversity, interacting with others who share your goals and focus is beneficial to you and your business. You may run across some that charge fees or dues, but it is also possible to find free alternatives. Either way you go there will be plenty of chances to get to know others that have proven to be successful.

Sometimes you have to find your own associates without the assistance of a group or organization. There are ways to accomplish this. You can start by taking advantage of social media sites. Becoming a friend of, or following, those who have become successful in your field can help you to break the ice and become acquaintances. If you are looking to find those same connections offline then you might want to spend your time at places and events that are frequented by those types of people. Once you get into the same social circle it is much easier to become friendly.

No matter how you view it, you are judged by the company you keep. This is not just the case in high school. In the business world potential customers, clients, readers and fans will associate you with the actions of those that surround you. This can hurt you, but it can also benefit you. If you are consistently seen with successful people then others will view you as being successful as well. This can lead to better business and can bring the success you have wanted all along.


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  1. Gorman

    This is exactly the type of stuff I’ve been needing to figure out. It’s the next stop on my way to ultimate success. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mike

    I think this is a great guide to finding good people to network with, and the importance of networking in general. It literally is like building a web or a safety net, or a trampoline to get you to higher places in the business world. Nothing is more valuable.

  3. Jony

    This has been very insightful, there are definitely some tips and pointers here that I have been missing out on. Many thanks indeed!

  4. Buysellwordpress

    I think that we can find people with who we can collaborate on various blogs and on social networks. Especially, on LinkedIn

    1. Sarah

      LinkedIn is AMAZING for networking. It’s like the Facebook for businesses! There are so many great opportunities to meet people in your field and make connections, it’s wonderful!

  5. John

    I’ve found that it’s also good to start locally. Going to town meetings, or any sort of formal gatherings, joining a speaking or rotary club. There are so many great things you can do to start increasing your odds of bumping into an A-list successful person.

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