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It doesn’t take long for you to figure out how this affiliate marketing stuff works and pretty soon you’re making a lot of money. And then you start thinking about it and you’re like, “Whoa! Hang on there. I’m doing all this work and I’m only making 15 percent? What’s up with that?!” And then, of course, if you’re a smart business person, you start looking for ways you can capitalize on your success. In other words – how can you keep all the money?

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Contact the advertiser

If you’re relatively happy with the affiliate lifestyle you can try contacting the advertiser. If you’re one of their top bloggers they might make some kind of deal with you. I’ve known several top-level affiliate bloggers who make much higher commissions than what you see on the affiliate information page.

Divide and conquer

If you’re doing it right on one blog you can wash, rinse, and repeat. Set up more affiliate blogs and branch out into other niches. And trust me, there are some very profitable niches out there. Now that you’re a success you can qualify to get into some of those exclusive affiliate networks where the big dogs hang out. They even provide account managers to help guide your business.

Create your own products

Now before you walk away – this isn’t as hard as you think. If you’re successfully promoting an ebook, how about buying it yourself? Then rewrite it, adding your own unique viewpoint. Brand it with your own business name and slip it right into place on your blog. You already have the blog built, right? And you’re obviously already targeting the right market. Ditch the affiliate ebook and slide in your own. Set up a Buy button attached to your own PayPal account and you’re on your way.

Can’t write your own ebook? Think again. How many posts are on your blog? You’ve written mountains of content and some of it can be used for an ebook. If not, you’re not as inexperienced as you think. Ebooks are broken down into chapters – and chapters are just articles. Sit down and start stringing together some articles and before you know it you’ll have an ebook.

And if you still don’t feel up to the task, go to Elance or one of the other freelancing sites and hire someone to do it for you.

Now, what if you’re not promoting ebooks?

You can use the same basic technique with just about any product you’re promoting. For physical products, contact the manufacturer and ask them if they do private labeling. You may have to buy a minimum order amount but if you already have the business on your blog you might as well slide in your own products. And who knows, you might get even more business because you’re branding your products and associating them with your blog.

Promoting someone else’s software? That’s easy, too. Go to any freelancing site and hire a designer. Be careful here, though. Don’t spend more than you’ll be able to make back in sales.


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