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Subscriber Count: 7 Dynamic Goals To Skyrocket Yours

You want to increase your subscriber count so you’ve probably told yourself something like, “I want to have 1,000 subscribers at the end of six months.” Well, you might as well forget about it right now because it’s never going to happen. Why? Because you’ve set a “static” goal. If you really want to achieve something great, set goals that are “dynamic.

What’s The Difference Between Static And Dynamic Goals?

Let’s go with that static goal of reaching 1,000 subscribers in six months. Here’s what happens:

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Every day you visualize your counter inching upward. Every day you make plans or do the research or concoct a new scheme to get that counter to move. As the days tick by, though, you’re not really acting, you’re not doing anything to achieve that goal. You’re just sitting there scheming because, after all, there’s still plenty of time.

Eventually, the clock runs down, your six months are up, and you’re no further ahead than you were when you started. In the end, you’ve achieved absolutely nothing.

A “Dynamic” goal is a goal you set that requires an action. It starts with the words “I Will”, instead of “I Want.” To better explain, here are seven dynamic goals that will help you skyrocket your subscriber count.

  1. I will publish at least two top-quality posts each week: If you typically publish five times a week it’s time to amp up the volume and focus on making at least two of those posts over-the-top quality. Readers will only subscribe to content that’s truly remarkable. And don’t forget to include a strong call to action in these posts.
  2. I will reply to all comments on my blog: Replying to comments encourages more commenting and strengthens your community. As your readers become more involved they’ll subscribe to your blog because they don’t want to miss anything.
  3. I will comment on at least three other blogs each week: Other bloggers in your niche are important. They’re the bloggers who’ll link out to your content, sending you more traffic and link authority. Comment on at least three blogs a week to start building relationships.
  4. I will find one new blog in my niche each week: They’re out there, you know they are. Look at them to see what they’re doing to attract subscribers, first, but also be on the look-out for guest blogging or contributor opportunities.
  5. I will create a relationship with one new blogger each week: Reach out to other bloggers in the social networks and forums you visit and form a new relationship every week. You can help send traffic back and forth, promote each other’s blogs to your lists and everybody will gain new subscribers.
  6. I will craft one guest blog post per week and submit it to another blog: When done properly, guest blogging can produce tremendous results. Make sure you follow any posted guest blogging guidelines, read the other blog and start developing a relationship with the blogger. Then craft your very best blog post for submission. While you’re at it, make sure you have a highly relevant post on your own blog to link to – even if you have to write it.
  7. I will use the Social Networks at least 4 times per week to promote my blog: Once you learn how to navigate the sites, social networking takes very little time, and all of the traffic you get in return is free.


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  1. Shannon

    Great suggestions. I’m looking forward to trying them, especially the guest posts. This is how I’ve found a few blogs, so I can tell you it does generate new readers. Now to figure out what to write…

    1. Steven

      Shannon, to find topics for your guest posts, read the blogs where you’ll submit your posts. You want to make sure your posts will be in line with their audience.

  2. Daniel Dipiazza

    This is epically good — and it’s right in line with most other goals you want to accomplish in life. Having a workable, step-oriented, outlined plan is much better than having a static goal in any pursuit.

    Thanks for this, Steven!

    1. Steven

      Thanks for the nice words Daniel

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