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The number one concern of any blogger is traffic.

While converting that traffic to income is important, it cannot begin without the traffic.

This means you will use every tool at your disposal to bring in the visitors.

Working on content is what keeps them there, but getting them there has to happen first and usually takes place offsite.

One of the many tools you can use is StumbleUpon.

Like many of the other sites geared to drive people to your site, StumbleUpon can be quite useful if used correctly.

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But in order to see the benefit you have to first understand what exactly it is, and how to work it so that you get more traffic.

get blog traffic from stumbleupon

When people add the StumbleUpon toolbar it is generally because they like visiting new sites and seeing what there is to explore.

They then click the link to ‘stumble’ and they are taken to random pages.

From there they have the opportunity to rate the page, share it or move on.

If you work the site correctly, you can receive large amounts of traffic from placing your blog on StumbleUpon.

Then all you have to do is catch the attention of those visiting so they stay and explore and you have the chance to convert them.

There is no manual that offers you a guaranteed way to get traffic from StumbleUpon, but there are things you can do to increase the chance that your site will be offered to users.

One of those is to participate with the service.

You can do this by using the toolbar, rating websites that you visit and even sharing things that you find interesting or useful.

When you are active on the site, you have a better chance that it will feature your blog for other users.

This gives you more traffic and the chance to reel in potential subscribers.

Another thing you can do that will serve a dual purpose is to write catchy headlines.

Not only will this better your chances of being featured on StumbleUpon, it will capture the attention of the reader from the very beginning.

You should make it something that no one else would think of and leave a question that only reading the post can answer.

This allows users to be taken in by your site immediately and gives you a much better chance of converting them.

Making sure that you have high quality posts is another way to increase your traffic from StumbleUpon.

The higher your site gets rated by users, the more exposure it will get.

You can only rate highly if users find your information interesting.

This means writing with quality in mind.

Once you have done these things you will see a spike in your traffic.

StumbleUpon can easily give you a significant increase in visitors.

From there you simply have to find a way to keep them on your blog and convert them into subscribers.

It might take a little effort on your part, but you will find it is worthwhile in the end.

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  1. Pablo

    I tried SU since the beginning of my site ( and it was very good for a while, but lately SU send me less traffic, don’t know why… I hope to find out why, you give a hint..bye!

  2. Victor

    Steven you are right Stumble Upon is great and leading social bookmark,though it takes time to get a huge bundle of traffic from it.If any one have patience this tool will certainly provide bloggers a huge amount of live traffic.” Good Things Happens When we take baby steps”

  3. Talha

    impressive post as always Steven ..

    i have been researching on this topic lately and yours been a great help but i have a question about following other people on stumbleupon ..whom should i really follow i mean the ones with

    lots of followers or ones with the less… hope you will clear this to me

    thanks anyway..

    1. Steven

      Hey Talha, you should probably just follow people who you are interested in!

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