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From time to time it’s a good idea to run a paid advertising campaign to promote your blog.

Some programs can be pretty expensive though, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But for $5 you can run a StumbleUpon advertising campaign and get at least 100 new pairs of eye on your blog.

If you’ve never visited StumbleUpon you should give it a shot.

It’s one of the most popular social bookmarking sites on the Web.

Not only can you use it to generate organic traffic, StumbleUpon is one of the few social sites to allow you to advertise your blog and at 5 cents per impression it’s affordable for just about anyone.

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With StumbleUpon you don’t need to create an ad, you just send submit a URL to send visitors to any post or page on your blog.

You can also set daily budgets for spending and impressions.

This gives you plenty of time to tweak and test, tweak and test.

You can target your StumbleUpon traffic using specific demographics like age, gender and location, and you can choose different categories as well, such as business, science, parenting, and so on.

So you can really get a lot of bang for just a few bucks with StumbleUpon.

How To Use StumbleUpon Advertising For Best Results

The key to using StumbleUpon advertising effectively is to understand the average Stumbler and how the site works.

The StumbleUpon user chooses a variety of categories he’s interested in.

Then, each time he clicks the Stumble button in his toolbar he’s shown another web page.

The pages are randomly chosen and include a mix of pages Stumbled by other members and pages that are being promoted with a StumbleUpon advertising campaign.

StumbleUpon is addictive and the main reason people use it is to find new, unique, interesting content.

If the page they land on doesn’t immediately grab their attention they just Stumble on to the next one.

And I do mean “immediately.

The average Stumbler sits with his mouse poised over the button, ready to Stumble to the next page.

Many just keep Stumbling but they also have the option of giving a page a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down.

The first Stumbler to rank a page also gets to include a description that shows on the StumbleUpon site.

Pages rise and fall in popularity based on the number of Thumbs Up or Down they get.

In order to get that Stumbler to pause on your page long enough to read it and possibly give it a Thumbs Up, you really have to do something that immediately grabs the reader’s attention.

Of course, what you do will vary from niche to niche.

But this is a good way to test your blog design and your

headline writing abilities.

Always send your StumbleUpon traffic to a page or post on your blog, never just your homepage.

Stumblers just won’t take the time to scroll down the homepage and read all your different post titles.

Increase the value of your StumbeUpon traffic by making your page as sticky as possible.

A popover subscription form generally won’t work, but send Stumblers to a page of well-written content with a title that immediately grabs their attention and use a strong call to action to send them to relevant content deeper in your blog.

For just $5 you can run a StumbleUpon advertising campaign for your blog today and see just how attention-grabbing your blog really is.

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