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It happens to almost everyone. When you first start blogging you think, “How could anyone ever stretch themselves too thinly when they’re blogging? All you have to do is blog!

Soon, though, you’ll start learning about all these different techniques you can use to grow your blog, and grow your business, and you’ll learn about all the different ways you can monetize your blog and build multiple streams of income and before you know it you’ve spread yourself too thinly. And if you don’t pull back on the reins your whole business is going to go down the drain.

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Are You Spreading Yourself Too Thinly?

These are the most common ways bloggers over-extend themselves:

They have multiple blogs: While many bloggers do have multiple blogs they typically either outsource part of the job or they bring on additional bloggers. It’s important to remember how much time it took to build your first income-producing blog and how much time it takes to maintain it. Too many blogs and you won’t have enough time to give all of them the attention they need.

They join too many social networks: It seems like a hot, new social network pops up every other month and some bloggers think they have to join every single one. All that pinning and sharing and tweeting and bookmarking takes time, time you should be spending on other things.

They have multiple income streams: The more income streams you add to your blog the more time you have to spend monitoring stats, chasing payments, and tweaking ad positions. Your time would be better spent if you streamline you ads and affiliate programs and focus on bringing in targeted traffic that converts.

Not enough hours in your day? Here’s some help…

Define your blogging goals: Defining your blogging goals is probably the single most important thing you can do whenever you’re having any kind of problems with your blog. What, exactly, do you want to achieve and how do you want to do it? Once you’ve defined your goals, look at where you’re spending your time and eliminate those tasks that aren’t moving you closer to your goals.

Become a master scheduler: Even if your business is streamlined you’re going to have to learn how to be and stay organized so you can maximize productivity.

Set deadlines: If and when you start a new blog or project, give it a deadline to succeed. If it’s not performing the way you want it to when the deadline arrives, be prepared to kill it and move on.

Streamline your processes: Analyze your productivity for a few days to see where you’re spending all of your time and then work to streamline those processes. For example, if you’re spending hours each day writing blog posts, consider using an assembly line approach.

Start outsourcing: Blogging is just like any other business. As it grows it eventually becomes time to hire some help. Even if it’s only part-time. If you prefer to do your own writing, you can outsource comment moderation, or research, or blog design, or just about any task you do on a regular basis.

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