Stop Affiliate Marketing 10 Reasons Why It’s Not For You

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Thinking about diving into the deep end and trying a little of that affiliate marketing stuff?

Think again.

Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t work in affiliate marketing.

1. It’s lonely

When you work in an office you’re surrounded by people – the secretary who crunches crackers all day and smells like peanut butter, the whining co-worker who shares your cubicle (and your air!), the grumpy boss who’s always yelling and never washes his hair. But when you’re an affiliate marketer, you miss all that contact. You’re working from home, all alone, with nothing but your dog for company.

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2. It’s tedious

Affiliate marketers have certain things they have to do every single day: They have to connect with their Twitter Followers and check in on Facebook, they have to contact their affiliate managers to see what new products they can sell, they have to network with other affiliate marketers to see what’s going on in the marketplace, and they have to check their Paypal accounts all the time to see how much money they’re making. It’s very tedious work, but it simply must be done!

3. It’s boring

Nothing exciting ever really happens in the affiliate marketing world. You set up a landing page, create a few Facebook ads and sit back and watch the money come in. After a while, you get really bored playing World of Warcraft all day and chatting on Skype with your friends in Bangkok.

4. It’s a lot of work

One of the biggest reasons you shouldn’t work in affiliate marketing is because it’s just that … it’s work! Somebody has to tell the designer what the landing page is supposed to look like and somebody has to tell the writer what the content needs to say. If you don’t do it, nobody else will. Don’t let anyone kid you – at the end of the day, you’re pooped!

5. It’s chaotic

Affiliate marketing would be a great way to make a living if there were some rhyme or reason to the whole process. But all that jumping around from Adwords to landing pages to PoF to landing pages to Facebook and back to the landing page again… Somebody needs to organize this system so you can find time to count your money.

6. It’s unstructured

With all this chaos and all of this work, shouldn’t there be someone to tell you what to do all day? Shouldn’t there be someone telling you what to sell and how to sell it and when to take a break and when to answer the phone? You know, just to keep things organized. Seriously. If you’re allowed to just get up from your desk whenever you want to, or take a day off whenever you feel like it, who’s gonna answer the phone?

7. There’s no schedule

The thing with affiliate marketing is your customers are all over the world. And the Internet is always open. So, like, you’re making money 24/7. How are you supposed to know when to get up every day?

8. There’s no office

A lot of people don’t like affiliate marketing because they don’t have an office to go to and if you think about it, they may be right. It’s hard to start work every day if you don’t have a one-hour commute to really get the ol’ heart pumping and raise that blood pressure. And if you don’t have an office to go to you’ll have to be home every night to eat dinner with your family and go to the kids’ ballgames. You might even have to watch TV and try out your new recliner. Yuck!

9. There’s no roadmap

There is no direct route to affiliate riches and what little ‘road’ there is changes directions every day. You really have to like being creative if you want to succeed. Thank goodness your Paypal link never changes, though. You can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

10. It’s addictive

It’s too easy to get addicted to affiliate marketing. It’s like Black Jack, only you’re allowed to count the cards. Once you figure out the system you can’t help but be a winner. And that sucks because then you’re almost forced to sit there and watch your bank account grow.

As you can see, there really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t work in affiliate marketing. Some of the biggest names on the Internet got their start in affiliate marketing and some of them, to this day, still count it as the most profitable segment of their business. None of them would ever tell you they’re sorry they took the leap.


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  1. Dmitriy

    Nice post! Had a fun reading that. Yeah, sure. Affiliate marketing is really boring. And I want to be so bored:)

    1. Joseph

      Wow! You must be great. You really want to be so bored? That’s quite interesting after all affiliate marketing is a job and must be done (by those who want).

  2. David

    Good work Steven, that should convince everyone to just ‘forget about it’. Back to the office???

    1. Joseph

      To support David’s comment, let me add that even if affiliate marketing gets boring like hell I wouldn’t opt to that office where I have a boss waiting for work to be done.

  3. Andrew

    What a joker

  4. Affiliate Manager

    You can knock off about half of that list by getting an office space. Just because you do affiliate marketing does not mean that you have to work from home. I know plenty of affiliates who are working out of an office. You have less distractions and it’s easier to get things done.

    PRO TIP: If you start to see some success/ROI with your campaigns hire a digital assistant who you can communicate with during your “office hours” :)

  5. Joseph

    I appreciate this article. Although am much into web design freelancing, am as well into a bit of affiliate marketing. These two fields seems to somehow relate in the matter that you stay home, get bored working alone, connect with clients you have never met, and off course boring. But there is one thing I love from both, I get to work whenever wherever I want.

  6. Olof

    Nice! Hope this stops people from taking my business. LOL.

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