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A “sticky” blog post is one that grabs your reader’s attention and won’t let him go.

It’s the type of content that gets passed around the web and goes viral.

It’s the type of content that compels your reader to take action now.

And it’s the type of content that’s easier to write than you think.

Here are six tips to help you write a blog post that will captivate your visitors.


If you want your message to be sticky then people need to “get it.” Since the average online reader only stays on a page for approximately 90 seconds that means you need to keep your message simple and easy to understand. Don’t talk down to your readers, but don’t try to give them too much to absorb, either. Be direct and concise.

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Be Unexpected

A few years ago there was a popular diet out that promised you could lose weight fast by eating cookies. It was hugely popular because nobody ever expects to be able to eat cookies when they’re on a diet. And to lose weight, too? Amazing!

Reinforce It With A Visual

Use images and language both to create a concrete image of your message. If you can describe something in a way that allows your reader to imagine it in his mind your message becomes stickier. If you can show them, with an actual image, it becomes even stickier. In 1988 Oprah Winfrey made a lasting impression on her audience. Instead of just telling them she’d lost 67 pounds, she loaded up a wagon with 67 pounds of fat and wheeled it out onto the stage.

Instill Credibility

Even though it’s true that people can lose weight on a cookie diet, it’s still pretty difficult to believe. And if your readers don’t believe your message they’re not going to remember it. Use the unexpected to attract their attention but make your message believable by linking to credible, expert resources.

Appeal to the Reader’s Emotions

When you simply provide information it makes your readers think. But when you appeal to their emotions it makes them act. Fear is especially motivating. Fear of illness, fear of injury, fear of embarrassment, fear of ridicule, fear of being left out, all of these “fears” are strong motivators that compel your reader to take action. Compassion for a cause and happiness are other emotions you can appeal to.

Tell Stories

Telling a story allows the reader to imagine the characters in their mind and picture themselves in that same situation. Story-telling also allows you to appeal to your reader’s emotions, so it’s really a great way to combine some of the best elements of sticky content. Tell your readers a story and your posts will captivate your visitors.

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  1. Praverb

    I love the simplicity of this blog post. Steven, your writing style is awesome. I agree with you in regards to including images and video to appeal to your audience. I think blog post structure plays an important role in the readability of your content.

    I also like the idea of telling stories. Telling stories adds a human element to your blog content. Remember to be transparent!

  2. Tim Bonner

    I agree with you Steven.

    Some of my most popular blog posts have been ones where I’ve included a personal story.

    If people can relate to what you’re discussing or learn from something you overcame then they’re more likely to keep coming back for more.

  3. Riza

    Yes, your “unexpected” claims should be backed up with facts. At the end of the day, it would still boil down to how well you deliver and keep your promises.

    Credibility is so important. Again, it can make or break your career. If you’re unsure of something, don’t ever put your name on the line by betting on it.

    Nice article!

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