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One of the best ways to get high quality links in a very short space of time is to copy your competitor’s back link profile.

There are no rules against doing so, and by spending just a couple of hours looking through their back links profile, you can get your search engine optimization campaign off to a flying start.

Which links should you use?

Remember a lot of websites out there have probably had some kind of black hat SEO done on them at some point in time.

If you want your website to sit pretty in the search engine results for a long time to come, it’s important to steer clear of low quality links and only build high quality links.

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Most link checking tools out there will categorize links in order of their importance and authority – so stick to copying links from the top of the list.

Avoid any kind of spammy looking links like blog comment links or even forum profile links. Instead look for links that have been placed on authority blogs, on newspaper websites and even in press releases.

Copying links

Once you’ve got a good idea of the links that you’d like to copy from your competitors, it’s a case of getting in touch with the owners of the websites on which they’re placed.

This is easy in some cases and hard in others. If the competitor has lots of links from newspaper websites for example, it’s a good idea to contact the journalist who wrote the articles that they have links in, and ask them if they would be interested in a story about your website.

When approaching blog owners it’s a good idea not to mention the links placed by your competition – just enquire politely about the possibility of getting a guest post published, or having your site added to a resources page if they have one.

Emailing webmasters and keeping track of the people you’ve contacted about links can be a complicated task.

The best thing to do is to import the links you’d would like to acquire into a spreadsheet and keep a note of who you’ve spoken to and who you’ve not spoken to.

When you speak to website owners it’s always a good idea to ask if they have any other sites in the same niche – it could be your lucky day and you might stumble across someone who owns a number of related sites.

Originality is also required

As well as copying the high quality links that lead to your competitor’s websites, an element of originality is also required.

Procure your own high quality links from unique sources – it’s a time consuming exercise but it does pay dividends when you see your site sitting high in the search engine results.

One final thing to remember is that websites must have the on-page SEO factors taken care of before building links to them. If your on-page factors aren’t up to scratch it may prove impossible to rank your website for the terms that you’re chasing.

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