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We don’t hear a lot about niche blogs these days as more and more bloggers turn to the broad-topic blog or the multi-blogger model.

But niche blogs are still out there and they’re still going strong.

Here are five reasons to start one and three niches to consider.

What Is A Niche Blog?

A niche blog is simply a blog that focuses on a narrow topic. For example, instead of focusing on Parenting, which is a huge topic and covers several categories when done properly, the blogger might focus on just one sub-topic, or niche topic, under the Parenting umbrella, such as:

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  • Bullying
  • The Terrible Two’s
  • School Supplies
  • Newborn Infant Care
  • Kids in Sports

As you can see, the list could go on and on. Someone visiting a blog that’s being promoted as a Parenting blog could rightly expect to find all of this information and then some. It would require tons of content and probably several bloggers to handle all that content creation.

On the other hand, someone visiting a blog about Newborn Infant Care wouldn’t expect to find information on anything else. That blog would be much easier to handle and the blogger would be able to do a much better job of covering that topic in an expert manner because it’s a niche topic, it’s narrow.

Five Reasons To Start A Niche Blog

You Can Indulge Your Passion

If you start a knitting blog then you’re going to have to blog about yarn, dying your own yarn, knitting needles, sweaters, blankets, patterns, and so much more, because everyone who finds your blog will be looking for all this information. But what if you really love knitting baby booties and you’re not really interested in anything else that has to do with knitting? If you start a niche blog about knitting baby booties then you won’t have to write about all those other topics. The people who come to your blog will only be looking for information on knitting baby booties. You can knit baby booties and blog about it all day long and forget about all that other stuff.

It’s Easier To Engage Your Audience

If you’re not really interested in knitting sweaters for grown men then your blog posts are going to reflect your boredom. They won’t be as informative and engaging as your posts about baby booties. Eventually, your readers will notice this, too. It’s important to post frequently to any blog, no matter your niche, and it’s much easier to do that if you enjoy your topic.

You Get To Be More Creative

It’s much easier to come up with creative post ideas when you’re focusing on a niche rather than a whole corner of the market. And using the knitting example, it’s also much easier for you to get creative with your own knitting ideas. It’s these unique, creative ideas that set your blog apart from others in the same niche and make you seem like more of an expert.

It’s More Manageable

There’s a lot more than writing involved in building a successful blog. With a niche blog you’ll have time to spend creating your unique, engaging content and still have time left over for blog promotion, networking, and creating your own products.

It’s Fun

Which would you rather be known as, the blogger who runs the weak, boring knitting blog that gets no traffic, or the blogger who runs the creative, unique and exciting blog with lots of comments and activity that tells you everything you need to know about knitting baby booties? Niche blogging is fun because you can focus on your passions and engage other people who are passionate about the same topic.

Three Niches That Will Always Be Popular

Don’t let anyone tell you that a niche is over-saturated. It’s all about being unique, being creative and carving out your own audience and there’s always room for more. Here are three niches that will always be popular:

Weight Loss

For best results in the weight loss niche, choose a product to promote and then blog about your own personal experiences with this product. Create free mini-guides with menus and recipes, diet tips and exercise advise. They key is personalization.


Statistics show that something like 62 percent of all American households have a pet and people spend billions of dollars on their pets every year. To compete, do your keyword research and choose a tight niche. For example, instead of blogging about Dogs, you might be tempted to blog about Jack Russell Terriers. Instead, dig even deeper and blog about Jack Russell Terriers on the Obstacle Course.

Video Games

New games are introduced every day. To compete, choose a manufacturer or a specific site, and then narrow it down as far as possible. For example, I blogged about Cityville for about six months and I can tell you it was very time-consuming trying to keep up with the game. To monetize a gaming site, manufacturers are always looking for good reviewers and you can add affiliate links to gaming equipment and guides.

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  1. Danielle At Life In The Dog Lane

    Terrific points! We’re in the middle of doing this ourselves in one of the niches you listed – so further motivation to keep narrowing our focus. We started out as just everything dogs, but realized that isn’t going to work on any level; you can’t actually be or do ‘everything’ on a topic, so we’re about-facing and hope to see some continued success from it.

  2. John

    I agree although I just started a site on the newcomer to affiliate marketing .. which is a pretty large niche. I just wanted to share some of the common mistakes and pit falls we all run into. I enjoy the journey I know this will take time . If your just in it for the money.
    this might be not for you.

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