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Starting Email Marketing: All You Need to Get Started

Email marketing is a marketing technique that allows you to send your marketing messages directly to your subscribers. Offline business recognized the value of direct marketing years ago and now, since your operating an online business, email marketing lets you make direct contact in the only best way possible, through your subscribers’ email.

Putting your message directly in front of your subscriber is better than just sending them to a sales page because you can address your emails to the individual and connect on a more personal level. Obviously, you’re going to have to send them to a sales page eventually, but if you establish contact with a personalized email first you have a better conversion rate.

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How Does Email Marketing Work?

These days, in order to protect your business from spam complaints, it’s recommended that you use an email service provider who has a double opt-in system. When the visitor submits his email address to subscribe to your list, your service provider sends him a confirmation email so he can confirm that he really does want to receive your emails.

This means you first have to register with an email service provider. I use Aweber because their user interface is easy to use, they provide more stats than you can imagine, and they have a wide variety of customization options and templates.

After you set up your account and create your list you put an Aweber opt-in form on your blog or website. You can also use them on sales pages and squeeze pages. If you’re building properties that don’t allow scripts you can even include also use a link to send readers to an on-site opt-in form, either on your own site or at Aweber.

Then it’s simply a matter of getting your readers to subscribe to your list.

How Do You Use Email Marketing?

Once you start getting subscribers (and that’s fodder for several more articles!) you can start sending them emails, either individually or as a group. Emails can be scheduled out to be delivered over a time. This is called an autoresponder series and it’s typically used as an enticement for new subscribers.

Emails can also be created and sent immediately in what’s known as an “email blast” or a “broadcast.” These are generally the types of emails marketers use when they’re promoting a product.

You’re going to get sick of hearing “The money is in the list” but it’s a fact, your list is one of your most valuable business assets. People don’t hand over their email address on a whim so when someone subscribes to your list that means they’ve already developed a certain level of trust in you. Abuse your list members with lots of spammy emails and your subscribers will quickly fall away.

There are about as many different ways to market to your list as their on bloggers on the Internet. Some bloggers send out weekly newsletters with exclusive content not found on their blog. Some send out weekly emails that recap the week’s postings. But however you choose to use email marketing it’s important to understand: The money may be in the list, but you’ll only make money if you provide the same top-quality content in your emails that you provide on your blog.


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