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Just like article marketing, press release distribution has become a firm favorite with internet marketers looking to improve their WordPress SEO through generation of easy backlinks. What most internet marketers don’t realize however is that spinning press releases really is just a huge waste of time. There are several pieces of automated software that deal with press release distribution, and they all encourage you to spin your press release – but the fact is that it’s really not necessary.

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Get a proper press release written from the outset

With press releases many people tend to scrape them from existing articles and press releases – this means that they make very little sense, and they’re actually pretty useless. Press release sites tend to be much heavier policed than article directories – so if you do submit junk to a press release site, it will be removed. It’s just a waste of your time and effort.

What you need to do is to get a proper press release written from the outset. A press release should follow a very specific syntax and very specific layout, so make sure you outsource it to someone who knows what they’re doing. A press release isn’t just 500 words of hammer content like you might use for article marketing – a press release needs to read almost like a newspaper article, it needs to be good.

Once you’ve got a press release, DON’T spin it

So when you’ve got your hands on a professional press release, you might be tempted to spin it before you blast it. You absolutely should not spin it – this is the worst thing that you can do. It might sound pretty dumb, because search engines love unique content, but the thing to remember is that press releases are a strong marketing tool used by multi-national corporations, and they don’t spin their press releases, so neither should you.

The point of a press release is to give journalists a story. A press release will contain some newsworthy information about your site; perhaps you’ve just launched it and you want it to become an authority in your niche, perhaps you’ve just added a new category of products that you want to tell people about. Whatever it is, you press release needs to be readable so that journalists can read it, then put their own spin on it. Sometimes press releases are just published in their raw form on newspaper websites, without any editing at all.

The fact is it’s very, very rare for an internet marketer’s press release to be picked up by a journalist who actually wants to base a story on it. That said, your press release if written well will be distributed to plenty of press release sites, so it’s imperative that it makes complete sense. If it makes sense you’ve a great chance that your links will stick – and don’t forget most press release sites have very high Page Rank – making those backlinks very valuable.

Before you go firing hundreds of spun press releases off next, remember what you’ve just read. Put out a quality press release that isn’t spun, and you’ll find the benefits are far greater.

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    As said, press releases doesn’t need to be spinned. They are not regular blog posts. Press releases are like news feeds or official statement. A company will not spin its statement to make it unique. Don’t spin the press release and make it loose its meaning or structure.

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