Spam Score How to Reduce It for Your Emails

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Spam Score: How to Reduce It for Your Emails

If you’ve never really checked the stats on your emails you’re sending out, it’s time to do a little digging. It’s important, for a number of reasons, for you to know things like which of your emails are being opened, who’s opening your emails and who’s clicking through on the links. But it’s even more important to find out which of your emails are being reported for spam, because those could have some pretty serious repercussions. Here’s how you can reduce the spam score of your emails and probably even increase your sales.

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Why is it Important to Reduce Your Spam Score

Email service providers don’t just tally up those spam scores and stash them away in a drawer. The providers are rated by the search engines based on how many spam emails they’re letting through. Before they’ll risk their standings with search engines and Internet service providers, they’d rather shut down your email account. And they’ll do it – in a heart beat.

Spam emails are also costing you money. The larger your mailing list, the more it costs you in monthly service charges. You should be monitoring and tweaking your email campaigns to get the highest open and click-through rates possible, and that means eliminating all the spam.

How to Reduce Your Spam Score

Email your list on a regular basis

If it’s been 6 weeks since your last email then many of your subscribers have already moved on or forgotten all about you. Now, all of a sudden, here you are sending them an email stuffed with nothing but sales links. Of course they’re going to report you for spam. Because that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Your subscribers get hundreds of emails a day and they only open those they recognize. Some won’t even open your email, they’ll use the Spam button just to get rid of email from someone they don’t know or remember.

Email your customers on a regularly scheduled basis so they get used to seeing your emails pop up and remember who you are.

Give your subscribers a reason to open

It’s been said over and over again – if you want people to open your emails you need to give them a reason. If all your emails are stuffed with sales links your subscribers are going to stop opening. Once they stop opening, the next step is to remove your emails from their inbox. And what’s the easiest way to do that? Report them as spam. It only takes one click to report you as a spammer, whereas it takes several clicks and a roundabout trip to officially unsubscribe from someone’s list.

Choose your subject lines carefully

Using the re: prompt and acting like you’re a long lost friend in the subject line are spammer tactics to get people to open their emails. It’s misleading and it’s just going to get you reported. Using words like “Urgent” and “Please help” and lots of exclamation points or dollar signs will get you in hot water, too.

Choose your subject lines the same way you choose your article titles. Make them interesting, but don’t promise something you don’t intend to deliver.

Clean up your account

Yeah, having a subscriber list with 10,000 names sounds awesome. But if only 1,000 people are opening your emails on a regular basis, then those other 9,000 people are just costing you money in maintenance fees. Not to mention, that’s 9,000 people who can potentially report you for spam when they get around to cleaning up their own email accounts.

Clean up your subscriber list on a monthly basis. You should always be working on adding new subscribers anyway so get rid of that deadwood to make more room.


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