Spam Flag How to Make Sure Your Email Does Not Get Flagged

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Spam Flag: How to Make Sure Your Email Does Not Get Flagged

The first time you see that yellow flag pop up on your email stats you’re alarmed. And you should be. Too many spam reports and your email service provider can shut down your account. And all that hard work you did building your list goes down the drain with your account. Let’s take a look at what you can do to make sure your emails don’t get flagged as spam.

All Subscribers Must Opt In

If you’re using a reliable email provider they probably already have it set up so your subscribers have to opt in before they can receive your emails. That’s why it’s called an “Opt In Form.” If they don’t, then consider changing providers. In most cases, if a subscriber has clicked that link approving receipt of your emails they really want to hear what you have to say, which means they won’t be reporting you for spam.

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Never send emails to random users who haven’t officially agreed to be on your list. You’re just setting yourself up for spam complaints.

Send Your Emails on a Regular Basis

Your subscribers may receive hundreds of emails each day. If you expect them to remember you and open your emails, then you need to send to them on a regular basis. That may be daily, or once or twice a week, but always send at the same time on the same day all the time.

If you go too long between emails there’s a good possibility your subscribers will forget who you are. Then, when that random email from you pops up, they’re either going to ignore it, send it to the trash, or worse – report it as spam. And if you think about it, the easiest way to get rid of an unwanted email is just to click on the spam link. It’s just one click compared to 3 or 4 clicks to actually unsubscribe.

Use Relevant Subject Lines so Readers Know What to Expect

Using misleading urgent messages or pretending that your replying back just makes your subscribers angry when they open your emails and see that your real reason for contacting them was to promote one of your hyped up sales links. Trust me, I know. I’ve been on the receiving end of hundreds of these types of emails – and I report every single one as spam.

If you start out sending out information-packed emails with appropriate subject lines, your subscribers will always open your emails and you won’t have to resort to those spammer tactics. If they’re not opening, then you’re doing something wrong.

Limit Your Promotional Emails

There’s no quicker way to get promoted for spam than to do nothing but, well, spam your subscribers with your sales links. If you’re going to go to the trouble of building a list, then use it wisely. Create a weekly newsletter or a monthly update. Link to informative content on your blog and use your blog posts to send your subscribers on to your landing pages and sales pages.

But if all you’re going to do is stuff those emails with your random affiliate links and blast them out two or three times a day, then you deserve to be reported for spam. If I were on your list, I’d report you, too.


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