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I had to check out Facebook for at least a few more seconds. I mean, it is not everyday that I come across a Facebook Group composed of my grammar school buddies. Social media mistakes commonly root themselves in doing stuff you should not be doing, for an extended period of time.

Example; I disciplined myself a few moments ago. I know social media marketing mistakes come in all shapes and sizes, but the “Blast from the Past” syndrome can steal HOUR’S worth of your time, if you are not careful.

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You are not a machine. Work, then play. Drive business to your blog, by blogging, and then hang out on social sites, or offline. But when you need to work, work, and stop making the same social media mistakes which plague many otherwise disciplined bloggers.

Silly bloggers become emotionally attached to Facebook, using up their precious time and energy commenting on silly, humorous posts of cats being angry, or searching for the long-lost high school buddy that they are just dying to connect with.

social media mistakes facebook

Stop killing your social media marketing efforts on Facebook. Think through your marketing campaign to intelligently spend your time on FB and boost your effectiveness.

You might be a blogger holding down a full time or part time job; I currently run 4 separate home business ventures so I know what it is like to be super busy. Having a busy schedule underscores the need to take a disciplined approach to your Facebook marketing strategy.

Social Media Mistakes on Facebook

Blast from the Past” syndrome caused me to waste about 3 days when I was new to Facebook. I connected with people who I had not seen in 25 or 30 years. I flipped out. I was stunned, meeting up with all of my old friends from New Jersey.

At this time I was new to running an online business and did not realize I was making one of the worst social media mistakes you can make; moving into a time drain zone, a space when you find yourself spending hours doing stuff that does not grow your blogging audience.

This one runs prevalent on Facebook; Groups can ensnare people. Friends of friends can also trip you up, as you move from old friend to old friend, send friend requests, connect with people, catch up, and spend hours chatting. Not good.

Social media mistakes by employees, or bloggers, or heck, anybody who wishes to reach a certain business end, are fairly common, really. Just open up your Facebook and note how many people really make money online through the network.

The average user has no clue how much time they are wasting, sometimes 1, 2 or 3 hours a day, and of course you cannot steal this time back, to write new blog posts or make new blogging buddies. Time your time on the social site and list our your daily activities; this sobering approach can wake you up out of your Facebook malaise.

Social Media Mistakes Examples

1. Death by Quote

I like inspiration quotes like the other guy but you might be making one of the common social media mistakes often seen on Facebook. You are a quote goat. Instead of writing new blog posts, or making blogging buddies, or connecting with people who can grow your blogging audience, or creating a new product, you continue to make the mistake of social media mistakes; you send out inspirational quotes every 20 minutes.

Hey, if you are a personal development coach or blogger, great. Send out a few inspirational quotes daily; preferably your own. But if you waste 20 minutes or longer each day putting together your quotes, you are in trouble.

Spend the 20 minutes writing a keyword-rich, helpful post which appeals to your target audience. Save the quotes, create helpful content, stop making one of the worst social media mistakes you tend to see on Facebook.

2. You Hang out in all the Wrong Places

Blogging pros should hang with other blogging pros in Facebook Groups where blogging pros hang out. Blogging pros should not spend more than 10 seconds daily hanging out in positive thinking groups, or self help groups, or any other group which is not full of bloggers, focused on sharing blogging tips.

If you wish to do the self help thing do it on your own time, and stop making one of the sillier social media mistakes made on Facebook.

Hang out where your potential readers hang out, at least if you wish to avoid dooming your blogging campaign. Connect with individuals who are seriously interested in your content. Find these folks on the various blogging groups which dot the FB landscape.

Simply run a search for these groups, ask to join and when you are confirmed, share your helpful content, comment on relevant blog posts and share your buddies’ content to expand your presence quickly.

The more quickly and freely you can give, and help others, the more easily you will avoid the plethora of social media mistakes made by the average blogger.

3. Selfish Bloggers Turn off Facebook Users

Tell me you have NOT seen the guy or gal who posts ONLY their own content for each status update of the day. This most selfish and foolish of social media mistakes makes you a Facebook pariah. Nobody likes someone who talks about themselves all day long.

People succeed by solving problems. If someone is to solve a problem they surely need to listen to you. If you are talking about yourself all day long how can you possibly be listening to individuals?

Social media mistakes in the ME ME ME department are sins of greediness. You want every page view, you want all the attention, you want all the traffic and you want to generate as much money as possible through blogging, because you believe that it is all about you.

No, wrong. Share content. Strike that, share other people’s content. Give up your stream. Prove that yes, you are listening to your Facebook buddies. By sharing content you can avoid this series of social media mistakes which plagues most online entrepreneurs.

Learn from Celebrity Social Media Mistakes

I read recently how an A-List actor flipped out on someone via his twitter account. Not good. PR nightmare time. Even though I recognize that the actor is human he damaged his reputation by losing his cool.

You need not be a celebrity to make this mistake of social media mistakes. Fools pick fight on Facebook, or call people out, or use offensive language when dealing with less than friendly individuals.

Never, ever pick a fight on social media. Adopt a non-resistant approach to avoid this most damaging of social media mistakes, because a blogger who lacks confidence, and displays this by attacking other Facebook users, will surely lose a decent number of readers quickly.

If you feel the need to react in a negative, aggressive manner, take a deep breath and walk away from your laptop. Losing your blogging reputation over a few seconds of anger is not worth it, right?

When you return to Facebook you can either respond in a positive fashion, thanking the individual for sharing their take, or you can ignore a particularly low energy person who is obviously unhappy and bitter about your success.

Let them go, and stop making this most silly of social media mistakes.

Why Are You Using Facebook?

Figure out why you are using the social network. If you grow your business on FB stick to business growing strategies. Posting inspirational quotes all day long or hanging in Facebook Groups outside of your niche are social media mistakes. Move away from the foolish tactics.

Focus on creating value through your blog and making connections with influential bloggers. If you are willing to patiently grow your venture with this disciplined approach you are far more likely to build your list and prosper through blogging.

Are you using Facebook to grow your readership? Or do you simply want to engage your readers through niche specific groups? Write down the list of reasons why you utilize the social network to get clear on why you are FBing, and you will be much more likely to avoid the comment social media mistakes I listed above.

Social Media and You

Social media pros know; Facebook is a channel through which you can communicate with fellow entrepreneurs. Bloggers can meet bloggers, make friends, help folks and spread their message through FB. Look at the social site as simply another way to connect with readers and help people.

You need not doom your blogging campaign any longer by using Facebook ineffectively. Be aggressive in promoting other people on your profile. Post helpful comments on Groups, and please, only hang out in Groups which are of interest to your readership.

Maintain a targeted, calculated approach in all you do on the site to avoid the series of social media mistakes I shared through this post.

Do you make any of these social media mistakes on Facebook?

How can you more effectively connect with your Facebook friends?

How can you more easily grow your blog readership by using the social network?

What other Facebook social media mistakes do you wish to share with us?


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  1. Todd Boyum

    This was a really helpful article, Ryan. Thanks for the insight and direction. While I am not at this time focused on making money with my blog, I would like to be more effective in sharing it. Your tips are helpful including the larger focus on determining why you are using Facebook in the first place. For me, I’ve mostly used it to stay connected with friends so the tips on using it to network with bloggers is something I can really embrace.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Yep that reason WHY, knowing it that is, makes your job infinitely easier. I fumbled around like a fool for many months because I simply did not realize why I was working FB, and made some silly mistake. Thanks Todd!

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