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It’s no longer possible to ignore social media marketing. It’s just become too important. There may be billions of people searching the web for information every day, but the majority of them hang out on a social network somewhere and rely on their friends and connections to point them in the right direction. Whether you like it or not they’re here to stay. So brush up on these secrets to social media marketing and get ahead of the game.

Create content that people want to share: Even the search engines are beginning to give more weight to blogs and websites that have a lot of user activity. Any day now that Google +1 button is going to go into effect and readers will hold the power to move your content up and down in the rankings. It’s no longer enough to write quality content. Now you also need to start creating content that readers will be compelled to share.

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With that in mind, think about the type of content you share with your own friends and contacts when you’re socializing. Because that’s what people do when they’re on a social site – they socialize. They share videos, comics, MP3 files – and informative, engaging, newsworthy content.

Pay attention to the links your friends and followers are sharing to get an insight into what type of content grabs their attention and compels them to pass it around their circle of contacts. It may be that you need to learn a few new techniques for content creation or find a way to outsource content that attracts your particular target audience.

Concentrate on building a targeted following: One of the reasons that a lot of marketers cringe at the thought of using social media marketing is because they think it’s a waste of time. And it can be if you don’t put some time and effort into it. There’s a guy on who promises to Share your link with his 40,000 Facebook fan page followers and he has webmasters lined up, waiting their turn. But where did he get those 40,000 followers? Who are they? Why are they following him?

If you have 40,000 Facebook fans or Twitter followers and not a single one of them is targeted then you probably are wasting an awful lot of time marketing to people who couldn’t care less about your message. Show those 40,000 non-targeted followers your link and you’ll be lucky if even 1 person clicks through. You need to concentrate on building up a targeted following. It’s never been about the number of followers you have. It’s all about the quality.

Stop marketing your product: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – people go to social sites to socialize, not to shop. You’ve got to eliminate all thoughts of marketing from your mind and concentrate on becoming a part of the community. Join in conversations, start conversations, share links. In other words – Get In There And Socialize! I know, it goes against against everything else you’ve ever done. But it works!

If you’ve done the work to develop a targeted group of followers then they’re more than likely going to be chatting about topics that are relevant to your business. That makes it easy for you to drop in an occasional link to one of your blog posts. However, if you haven’t earned their trust and acceptance they will not click on your links and, again, you’ll be wasting your time.

Personalize your content: That doesn’t mean you have to write a different blog post for each of your followers. But start singling out some of your followers and giving them some personal attention. Share the content they post. Retweet their Tweets and send them a personal good morning shout out. Be sure to use their name, too, everybody likes to see their own name. Just singling out 2 or 3 followers a day and giving them some personal attention will help build your street cred among the rest of your followers. Soon, they’ll be sharing your links and retweeting your Tweets and before you know it, you’ll be getting some pretty good traffic from you group of followers.

Be patient: You will rarely, if ever, have a sale as a direct result of anything you post on a social network. Especially when you’re just getting started. You will, however, develop a loyal following and it will result in more traffic for your blog. And when your friends and followers finally are looking for whatever it is you’re selling, they’ll know how to find you.

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