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Social media marketing mavens are busy. I am a pretty busy dude myself. Right now I am living in Costa Rica. Life is good as I soak up the tropical scene but each of my vacations serves as a working holiday. I work and travel. I have worked and traveled for the past 2 years; if I cannot work effectively I am in trouble.

Social media can be the ultimate time drag. Sifting through endless silly updates, funny images and an endless flow of business information can prove to be a tempting time sap but if you have a smart plan in place you can work social effectively as a busy entrepreneur.

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social media marketing tips

Social Media Marketing

If you are yet to become a busy entrepreneur you are likely wasting your time on Facebook and twitter. You might feel otherwise but I can just about guarantee you that you are not effectively working your social media marketing campaign. Why? Work tends to fill the time allotted for work.

You are not under a tight deadline, or a strict schedule, so you tend to BS, or chat, or waste time checking out silly social updates, and fritter away hours or even days on these websites.

Once you get busy, well, that is another story. But you need not become busy to adopt an effective social media marketing strategy. Develop good habits now by honestly assessing whether or not you waste time on social sites.

1. Time Your Social Media Marketing Tasks

Timing your social media marketing tasks helps you detach from your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn marketing campaigns. Once you become aware of how much time you spend on social sites you can more easily cut back on this massive time drag.

What would be a time drag? Spending 2 or 3 hours daily on social media marketing sites. If you wish to connect with fellow FB buddies or twitter followers limit the time you spend on social sites to 5 or 10 minute blocks. Add these blocks to your workday, perhaps for 3 or 4 sessions, to use social effectively.

Most people waste time on social sites because they never time their social tasks. You start off with a great intent, sharing a blog post, then a silly update catches you eye, you Like it, and comment.

Then you scroll down your main feed, Liking and commenting. Then you remember the long lost friend you have barely chatted with over the last 3 years and yep, you send them a message.

I know this process well because I have been there, back in the days when I was not a busy social media user. Now I cannot afford to be wasteful with my time. Time your tasks and your social media marketing campaign is built on solid footing.

2. Take Frequent Breaks From Social Media Marketing

Taking frequent, extended social breaks throughout the day improves your ability to use sites like Facebook and Google Plus from an energized space. Social media marketing users become burned out all too frequently because they rarely take extended social breaks on a daily basis.

This strained crowd pushes harder and harder, spending more and more time to make a real impact because their creativity and overall energy suffers mightily.

Following tip 1 helps you use this tip quite naturally and easily. I hop on Facebook for 10 minutes at a clip and take 2 hours off before my next session. The basic, fool proof social media marketing tip goes like this; take frequent, extended breaks from sites to improve your overall campaign.

Taking breaks helps you feel rested and recharged. You want to bring positive, unending energy to your Google Plus profile. You want to impact individual’s lives in a profound manner.

To do these things you need to be fresh, energized and ready to hit the stream hard.

A Practical Social Media Marketing Tip

You should also consider taking 1 day off every 1 or 2 weeks if you wish to use one of the more effective social media marketing tactics in existence. Pulling back from all the business and personal status updates for a full day every once in a while helps you to remain sane, and focused on your end goal.

3. Use Tools For Better Social Media Marketing

I could never travel the world and run multiple online businesses unless I used tools. Automating certain processes helps you leverage your time. I could never post to over 150 groups at once and still run successful businesses and still travel if I had to manually update each group.

I use tools to make my job easier. Busy entrepreneurs need to connect with many people in little time and no, rushing is no part of this equation. You simply want to take a few dollars to reach many people at the click of a mouse.

Social media marketing campaigns built on the simple yet timeless principle of leveraging with tools tend to succeed quickly versus other social media marketing examples which strictly use a manual approach.

I used to pride myself on doing everything manually until I became extremely busy, and at that point, I got smart. Automate. Just remember to personal interactions too, to add a human, authentic element to your social media marketing campaign.

4. Establish Triggers

Set up triggers to help you realize when you are wasting time. I might set an alarm to go off after my 10 minutes of social time expires if I feel particularly undisciplined on some day. This trigger gets me on purpose quickly.

We have all been to this space; you wish to spend 15 minutes on Facebook and wind up spending 2 hours on the social network. This type of wastefulness will kill your chances at succeeding online. If you want to work social media sites from an intelligent space set up a social trigger.

Whatever helps you realize that yes, you are wasting your time, use it. Once you make effective social media marketing a habit, by using a trigger, you rarely need to use any signal to get you back on purpose.

Social media marketing tips about but this single idea gets you back on course and saves you time like no other strategy. Try it. Prosper.

5. Stop Fighting or Debating

Social media marketing strategies rarely focus on this 1 idea; I am stunned by how few people make this point. I have seen otherwise intelligent, successful people waste 1, 2 or 3 hours fighting about particular topics. I have seen successes spend hours on end debating a particular topic.

These successes become very human and foolish in these moments because they cannot let go the need to be right. Even if you like a good debate, remember this; I am your competition, and this is my 7th blog post today. I have churned out 6 posts for my blogs, plus this guest post. So if you are spending 3 hours going back and forth, leaving long-winded comments on Facebook, I just wrote 6 lead generating blog posts during this period of time.

If you really want to waste your time on social sites fight with people for hours on end. Not only are you wasting your time now, you are wasting your time in the future. This means that you just robbed yourself of time spend with successful, driven entrepreneurs who would have become customers or clients if you resisted the urge to fight.

I know that I will never partner with someone who is argumentative on social sites because these individuals simply lack the clarity to make a simple point and leave it at that. You can buy expensive social media marketing courses and study all the practical social tips on earth but if you cannot let go the need to be right you are doomed on social sites.

6. Focus Heavily on 1 Network

Focusing heavily on working 1 network helps you spend your time effectively. You cannot learn all the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn and have any time left in the day but you can specialize and save time.

Once you focus on using 1 network you will save yourself precious time and energy because you will not be fooling around on multiple social media marketing websites for 2 or 3 hours each every day.

You cannot become a master of multiple social websites. Deal with that fact. Simply embrace the idea of checking in on most social sites for a few minutes each day to expand your presence and save yourself time.

Do you use social media marketing websites effectively? Be honest as you assess your campaign. I lied to myself for many years before I truthfully reviewed the fact that yes, I was wasting much time on websites like Facebook.

Are you a busy entrepreneur? Everybody likes to say that they are busy but the truth is that many newbies have yet to grow their businesses, and tend to dawdle around on social sites because they do not work under strict deadlines.

What can you do to work your social sites from an intelligent place? Simply working smarter can help you spend less time on social websites like Facebook or Google Plus.

What tips can you add to my list?


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  1. Ivin Viljoen

    Hello Ryan. I found your social media marketing tip VERY interesting. It’s like being in a football gamer and the coach pulling you out so you can look at the game from the sideline and get perspective.

    I do the same with my business, but on another scale. I take a week vacation every 3 months, just to clear my head, think, rest and gain new perspective and assess my progress.

    Does that make sense? You network tip at the end. Does that apply to other business areas too? Like focusing on one project at a time. I have many projects running now and I feel like running all over the place. Would you advise me to focus on one at a time until I’m finished?

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Yes certainly Ivin! Taking time off – even if for 1 day – helps you clear out your mind.

      Do you meditate? Sitting and observing your thoughts and feelings for 20 minutes upon waking each day slows down your thoughts, which helps you remain present, and focused, and calm, despite any chaos going on around you.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Venkatesh Iyer

    You recommended the use of tools for achieving better social media marketing results. I wish you had named those tools you use yourself/ recommend highly. Choosing the right tools is always a difficult task.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      I like hootsuite Venkatesh, that is my big tool.

      Most tools, rock! You simply need to use them effectively, mixing automated updates with manual, personalized updates.

      This healthy mix of auto and personal makes all the difference in the world.

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. Susan Collini

    Learning to work smarter rather than just trying to do more, faster is definitely good advice. Focussing on one, or even two networks, at the expense of many is more realistic for people who are tying to run their own businesses and juggle all that entails into their working day.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      I agree Susan. I find that focusing on one thing at a time, and becoming adept in doing that one thing, helps you tackle social media from a smart space.

      Trying to do all at once leads to miserable failure.

      Thanks for sharing!

  4. Akhil

    Nice post Ryan. i wanted to know which tool you use for social media marketing? i am not familiar with these things but i would love to learn. Anyways great share once again; keep posting great stuff :)

  5. Kyri Kyriacou

    I use social media tools when i get a ‘Brainwave’, I find this helps as it can be valuable and motivational for others as well. I try not to have a rigid timetable I just hop on to these social media sites when i have a Eureka! moment.

    Many thanks


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