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I was a social media engagement failure. I had big numbers. I supposedly had clout. But nobody chatted with me. I had no Likes. I had few retweets. I had no Google Plus’s, because I was not chatting with people.

You can have huge, monstrous numbers of social sites but if you do not chat with people you will see little business growth. People trust someone who opens up, who listen and who responds to questions, or comments, because we wish to meet someone who is real on social media sites.

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Effective social media engagement requires you to be a person. Being a person means talking, listening, asking, answering and doing so each and every day to improve your internet marketing campaign. By chatting frequently you stand out from the online crowd.

social media engagement

Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement grows easy if you become sociable. The most simple way to connect with people is to set aside time each day to talk to folks. Talking is easy. Hop on twitter and respond to a few retweets 2 or 3 times daily. As your following grows, so do your retweets. At this point responding to 200 or more retweets daily is not possible so respond to perhaps or 4 or 7 retweets and move on to your next social site.

Engagement is not rocket science. My problem was that I felt engaging persistently was a waste of time. I was attached to outcomes, worrying about opt-ins, worrying about my readership, worrying about my online income options, and this poor energy influenced me to ignore engagement.

Of course this ignorance was the social media kiss of death since people tend not to trust the guy or gal who never shows up to chat. You must prove that you are a listener by, well, listening, and once you detach from business outcomes listening intently becomes habitual.

I never pushed myself to engage. I would check in for a few days. Then when I checked opt in numbers and saw a lower figure then expected I would ditch social media engagement and flip out like a fool. Once I improved my mindset and detached from outcomes I focused on improving my social media engagement campaign.

Aggressively Respond to Your Audience

Aggressively responding to your audience helps influence individuals to engage you frequently. People loves someone who answers and answers quickly. If you are quick to pick up the cyber phone, engaging individuals on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, people are quick to call again and again.

Everybody loves a chatter. Chatty individuals can easily grow large, targeted followings which certainly can help you grow your online or offline businesses.

I do not recommend you checking your social network replies every 5 minutes or every 3 hours for that matter. Checking in a few times daily can help you respond in a timely fashion.

I remember when I was obsessed with my first few social media engagement experiences. I flipped out after seeing that someone actually liked my post. I was focused on my social analytics, and my social media engagement in general, so much so that I was entirely attached to any and all responses.

I literally wasted hour’s worth of time each week simply checking my replies on twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Yep, no Google Plus in these days. When I finally addressed my attachment directly I realized that yes, engagement in business is important but creating value and sharing people’s content grows your venture quicker than any other approaches.

Approach your social media engagement campaign with a disciplined mindset. Check in 2 or 3 times each day to review your engagements, respond for a few minutes and then get off of these social sites.

Developing your social media engagement strategy on a focused, sensible foundation helps you reap positive returns in the long run. Do not forget; you should be creating at least 1 blog post daily and aggressively sharing other people’s content if you want to grow your business.

Devote hours of each day to these endeavors and follow up with engagement a few times each day.

Less Links More Text Only

Using more text and fewer links can make your social media profile more engaging. People like to chat with folks who are not all business all the time. If you wish to increase social media engagement start by chatting people up and selling people less and less each day.

The most simple social media engagement tool is this: your voice. Once you realize this by posting fewer links you can boost your engagement quite quickly.

I formerly posted links throughout the day, with most of my updates. This killed engagement. People do not wish to read links all day long. Folks want to chat with someone who is not trying to boost their blog traffic or grow their online business with squeeze pages.

The problem was this: I was so desperate to grow my blogging audience and expand my business that I forgot about social media engagement. I was so focused on growing my business that I forgot about the people who grew my business.

I finally got over the non-stop link thing by simply being me. I posted pictures of myself vacationing around the world, asked more questions of my audience and decided to be more chatty to boost overall engagement.

If you are looking for some definition of social engagement think of this; chatting without selling. If you are willing to chat people up and detach from business outcomes, if you are willing to respond to updates, if you are willing to make a connection with an individual, you are well on your way to becoming a social media superstar.

The more you can post text-less updates the more quickly you can convince your audience that you are not out to simply sell.

Play Nice Boys and Girls

Playing nice is the most simple way to boost engagement quickly because most folks appreciate kind people and wish to get to know this cool crowd better. If you are nice people tend to like you.

If you are a jerk you just killed your social media engagement campaign. Sure, some folks will chat with you but more often than not these individuals will want to fight you, or spam you, or treat you in a poor fashion, and do not believe the belief that any publicity is good publicity.

Once you lose your online reputation by becoming a crap magnet you tend to crash and burn quickly. You cannot spend your entire day fighting people and expect to grow your social networks effectively, because your energy will stink and you will neglect business growing acts.

So many newbie entrepreneurs lack clarity in their intent and feel the need to fight people who offer differing opinions concerning their viewpoints. Example; I fought more than 1 or 2 people who shared different viewpoints than my own in regards to a wide variety of topics.

I would disagree vehemently, not playing nice, and of course, these silly interludes – all my fault – came back to bite me in the behind down the road.

Effective social media engagement is based on the idea of chatting with individuals in a civil manner. You can disagree with someone without being rude although many social media newbies miss this idea completely.

I needed to gain complete clarity in what I did online in order to effectively communicate with individuals in a polite manner when people disagreed with me. I was very immature, emotionally, until I gained clarity in my intent, and received a few sharp verbal barbs which toughened me up for future social media engagement sessions.

Be a Live Body Daily

Whatever social media communities you join matters not if you never actively engage individuals on a daily basis. Each social media engagement platform becomes effective once you decide to chat people up each day. Set aside 2 to 3 times each day to chat with individuals on sites like Facebook, twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

I was a member in over 30 LinkedIn Groups for many months but saw little engagement on the network. I wondered why few people chatted with me or Liked my posts but this confusion was easy to spot; I simply was not sowing so naturally, I would not see any reaping.

If you want people to chat with you chat with people on any network. If you want people to engage you then engage people on social networks, chatting folks up on a daily basis. Maintain that sense of chattiness persistently to see engagement increase on your networks.

You might consider cutting down on the number of social networks you use if you find engagement lacking on any 1 channel. I pulled back on LinkedIn for a few months to expand my presence on Google Plus. I wanted to boost my rep on the network and knew that chatting on G Plus – each day – by posting helpful comments and status updates would help me grow my network.

How do you improve your social media engagement?

What tips can you add to this list?

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  1. Rew

    I’m so glad someone finally gets that linking isn’t always necessary! I’ve read a bunch of “how to produce great Facebook updates for business” articles and they all seem to be centered around a few lines of text, a picture and a link. I’ve always posted more text only because I saw a trend REAL quick when I started: Links get seen less. I might get 30 of 150 people seeing a text post, but only 12 see a post with a link. I also get more likes on my text only. And isn’t the point of social media to engage and get the word out, not hard sell your people?

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Rew, I do my best to keep those links flowing. It is all well and good to boost your page views directly, by sharing blog posts, but you will see a quick jump in engagement the moment you post less links.

    People just want to chat, not click 24-7 lol.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Suresh Khanal

    Hi Ryan,

    Another great post.Social networks can be a great tool for your business and at the same time a huge time waster. Learning how to use them effectively improves your productivity. I liked your suggestions to use more text and less links. As people grew Ad blinded due to excessive use, same is true for links too! Friends are link-blinded if you simply share links only!

    Great post.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Good point Suresh. Ad and link blindness seems to run hand in hand, or at least, they are uber similar conditions.

      Once you use less links and more text people seem to tune in with greater ease.

      Thanks for sharing buddy!

  4. Ankit Kumar Singla

    Ryan sir, I really enjoy reading this article. I know the importance of social media presence and engagement for every online business owner. We are running our blog and it’s presence on social media sites gives it a new life.

    Hope to hear more from you!


    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Ankit, engaging really puts your online business growth into overdrive. If you can chat on a persistent basis more folks will tend to know, like and trust you, because it proves that you are listening.

      Listeners become leaders ;)

      Thanks for sharing buddy!

  5. Open Communications

    This is a fantastic article. It’s easy to fall into these pitfalls when trying to grow your audience. It’s hard to remember that you can’t just show up to the social media party, you have to shake a few hands.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      I dig that analogy OC. Show up.

      Then shake a few hands, mingle and get to know people. Show an interest in people and yep, they will show an interest in you.

      Be persistent. Interact daily. Grow your biz.

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