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Generating solid social media campaign karma can help you succeed online quickly. What is good karma? Putting out whatever you wish to receive. Although many of us wish to help others and detach entirely from outcomes the fact remains that the majority wants to see solid, tangible results from their social media campaign efforts.

If you can help people you will be helped. If you are willing to promote people on social networking sites people will promote you in return. The biggest issue on social sites today is that many people are only out for themselves. These folks tweet out their own sales page or blog for hour after hour, day after day, and wonder why they never seem to grow their business opportunity.

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social media campaign karma

The selfish, greedy types generate terrible karma because if you only promote yourself you send out a vibration of lack and limitation. If however you want to open your stream and promote other people you are sending out a prospering, abundant vibe, and you will generate good social media campaign karma too.

Simply put out what you wish to experience. You want more traffic generated through social sites, right? Then help other people generate more traffic by promoting other people on a persistent basis. Put out good karma, help others and you will be the recipient of good karma.

Social Media Campaign – My Story

My social media campaign karma game is tight now but a few years back this was not the case. I was out only for myself for a long time and naturally set myself up for failure. I cared about me. This is not too smart, if you want to be successful on social sites, because you need to connect with people. You cannot connect with people if you simply talk about yourself all day long.

Once I addressed my failure, and realized that people were not interested in me chatting about myself all day long, I developed a more impressive social media campaign because I built my plan on solid fundamentals.

I thought about myself less and others more. I tagged people on Facebook. I searched for people’s twitter handles if I retweeted and saw no name associated with the tweet. I tagged people on LinkedIn and Google Plus, and I quickly reaped the rewards of trying to help other people.

Generate solid social media campaign karma. Look out for others before you look out for yourself.

Promote Other People

Promoting other people’s blog posts and videos generates awesome social media campaign karma because whatever you put out returns multiplied. Never forget that the law of sowing and reaping is always working in your favor if you decide to use this idea in a positive manner.

If you wish to build a social media campaign on solid footing take the time to study why successful, happy people yield such fabulous results. These folks simply helped people attain success. Happy, successful people promote other people freely, expanding their presence and boosting their blog traffic with ease. If you too want to succeed online learn how to help individuals the easy way, by promoting each and every one of their posts to your ever growing following.

I promote each post I read across each channel through which I can share it. This is how I steadily grew my social media campaign with a patient, focused approach.

Example; if someone provides Facebook, Google Plus, twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, and StumbleUpon share button along their share bar I share the post on each one of these networks. If this sounds like too much work or a serious time drain consider I have over 24,000 twitter followers, 4,000 Google Plus folks have me in circles, 5000 Facebook friends and over 1,500 Fan among my Facebook Fan Pages.

I became popular by helping people become popular. Do you see how this works? The concept is easy to embrace once you accept the idea that whatever you put out freely returns to you multiplied, in a wonderful way. Aggressively market other people and watch how quickly many of these people market you in return, feeling appreciative over the kind act.

Most people will help you out if they see the value in your kind act. Even if they do not promote you simply let them go, since you want to keep your good karma intact. Creative social media campaigns build themselves on this idea of simply giving freely, knowing that reaping season will be tremendous. This is how to create an influential social media campaign and generate good karma too.

Social Media Campaign: Work on Your Mindset

The best social media campaigns generate awesome karma because these plans are built on giving away awesome value at all turns. Think about the most famous, successful social media campaign gurus. This crowd always helps people, responds to as many folks as possible in a timely fashion and inspires people to reach their goals.

Now focus on bad social media campaigns to gain a better understand of what not to do. Failing social media users almost always think only about themselves, focusing inwards, and never really making any progress because if you are talking about yourself all day long few people will be interested in you, or your offering.

By working on your mindset you generate awesome social media campaign karma. Few people will follow these tips because most folks think from a place of fear, and failure. Once you spend at least 30 minutes or more each day meditating, visualizing, or affirming, you can naturally draw more like-minded people to you because your energy and acts change.

I was a desperate, spotty social media user only out for self many years ago. I would promote me all day long, generating bad karma in the process. Once I got serious about working on my mindset success seemed to find me with ease. Why?

I naturally felt better about myself, which influenced me to move my focus from serving myself to serving other people. I promoted individuals, posted more helpful comments on websites and expanded my presence because my social media campaign was built on the foundation of serving other people.

All of this happened because I attracted more creative social media campaign ideas. I generated these ideas because I dissolved any blocks to creativity and prospering which I held. By working on my mindset I saw a new experience. I changed my perspective, moved into different acts and promoted my success.

Good things flowed to me because I helped people, and I helped people because I worked on my mindset.

Never Fight

This tip might be one of the more difficult ideas to adopt if you are new to running a social media campaign but if you can embrace the idea you will note an instant change in your results. You get whatever you decide to put out there. Call it sowing and reaping, or karma, but whatever you decide to call it, know that if you fight people, fights will find you.

Social Media Campaign: Have You Noticed These Folks?

Have you noticed how many Facebook or twitter users always seem to find themselves fighting folks? These people generate bad karma, fighting, pushing and forcing their way into issues, problems and discord wherever they seem to show up.

Some folks might build their social media campaign structure on the idea of being a bad guy or bad gal, or perhaps being a no nonsense, argumentative type, but you receive no bonus points for the number of fights you pick on Facebook, or the number of people who you tweak on twitter.

You will create less resistance by being non-resistant. Feel free to engage folks but do so in a calm, confident manner. If someone is looking for a big fight simply ignore these people. Do not engage a charging bull. Simply let the fighters tire themselves out and move on to meet with high energy, positive, successful people.

Be Truthful

Simply telling the truth in all you do generates good social media campaign karma. Be truthful when building your advertising copy. Do not make false, inflated claims. If you have not made a specific amount of money do not tell people you made a certain amount of money.

Telling the truth is difficult for most online entrepreneurs because you might feel nobody will join someone who has seen little success. To the contrary, you will see great success quickly if you are 100% truthful and direct when discussing your results, or any aspect of your social media campaign.

You might not know how each person decides to join your business or buy your product or service. Some individuals simply vibe with your viewpoint; this crowd could care less about your results. I influenced more than a few people to join my team before I had made any real money with my ventures.

These folks liked the fact that I was genuine and positive, and joined me based on my energy. I was truthful. They trusted me.

What tips can you add to generate good social media campaign karma?


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  1. Phyllis Jackson Theworldbystorm

    I Thank you for such great insite and output I truth i appreciate that which is hepful I am very new with the sccial media scene and trying to get familiar with the do’s and donts I think this is a valid piece enjoyed reading and learned something as well. THANK YOU

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      So happy to help Phyllis! We are in the social media game – us vets – for many years, and forget that many people are using social for the first time….today ;) Knowing this, I want to help in the best way possible.

  2. Arindam Dutta

    This tip might be one of the more difficult ideas to adopt if you are new to run a social media campaign. Rather than slapping a banner ad on a site, social media campaigns take full advantage of the web’s unique properties.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Arindam that is a really good point. Feel free to use banners and make money but first, make your website unique. Doing this will make you stand out from the crowd in a big way, helping you prosper online.

  3. Phyllis Jackson Theworldbystorm

    This is valid as I stated I am truly a freshman i am a good study it warms my heart to know that there is help and a rhythm to this rhythm will continue diligently to succeed and familiarizing myself with the different sites researching antidotes my dilemma
    Thanks a whole bunch look forward to all updates you’re enlightening has taken some of my fears and I want to learn desperately hats off to you and hands in the air.

    1. Ryan Biddulph

      Hey thanks so much again….keep using these tips they work quite well Phyllis, and keep writing, and good things will happen for you on social media sites like Facebook and G Plus….thanks for sharing!

  4. Eli@coachdaddy

    One tip I would add: Sometimes, just get online to be social. Comment on someone’s post, share a funny or poignant moment in your day. I believe if your readers/customers can see you in a human way, they’ll be more likely to buy from you or share your posts.

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